Weekly Kickstarter: LogicInk

As physical objects are becoming as programmable as a computer. There are interesting inventions coming up that are easily foldable and can adapt to any surfaces. Some of those inventions can improve our well-being and allow us to be more aware of our body as well as our surroundings.

One of those inventions is programmable temporary tattoos created by LogicInk. This programmable tattoo senses your skin volatiles, microbiome, UV, sweat, surrounding air pollution and much more to provide you with live feedback. You can check their Kickstarter presentation below.

LogicInk’s programmable tattoo is like visual displays, this eliminates a need for any other electronic devices such as smartwatches. The tattoos’ sensors are in the ink and because of such design, it can be highly customizable. This makes such health sensor much more attractive for people compared with the other available options.

The CEO of LogicInk was already cited in various publications concerning tattoo wearables. And they already have the first working prototype that it is already on sale via Kickstarter and their website.

This tattoo indicates how much cumulative UV exposure you got with the outer ring and the inner one indicates current UV exposure levels. This might decrease a chance of sunburnt. In addition, it can decrease your chance of getting skin cancer due to the increased consciousness of your exposure to UV.

They have already tested similar products that measure air pollution, alcohol level in your blood through your sweat. But the LogicInk UV tattoo is first to hit the market. I believe that this wearable will increase our awareness of skin conditions. Also, later when the air pollution tattoo will be on the market I hope that it will help us to increase awareness of air pollution in cities.

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Several Photos of the Possible Tattoo Design


Written by Henry Has

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