Weekly Kickstarter: GoSun Fusion

Sometimes there is a problem with the picnics and a usage of gas-powered grills. The problem is that you always have to refuel the gas tank and some people forget to do that. Not to mention, the danger and inconvenience of carrying them around as well as using them. So a group of people came up with an astonishing solution.

The GoSun Fusion is the name of the solution. As you might already imply they use the energy of the sun to help you in picnics and other situations.

GoSun Fusion is a hybrid solar oven that can use solar as well as electric energy to prepare your meals. It is ideal for every outdoor situation due to the compatibility and off-grid functionalities. You can check more about their product in the Kickstarter video below.

The oven works in any outdoor condition as you can use a battery pack to power it as well as a sun. So if there is a cloudy day, you still have a fully working oven that can prepare a meal in 30 minutes for 5 people. The oven can heat to about 450 °F or 232 °C which is plenty for most of the foods.

One of the most impressive parts of the oven, at least for me, is that it only uses a 150 Watt heating element. It is an equivalent to a power draw of the incandescent light bulb. For a more rigorous comparison, everyday microwave that we use every day consumes about 1100 W of electricity on average, and only 700 W is used for heating. The efficiency of the oven is incredible.

Most importantly it can be used during all seasons including winter. GoSun Fusion is also safe to use near children because it is vacuum insulated (from physics lessons you might know that vacuum is the best-known insulator) so it stays cool and nobody will get burned.

Take a Look, It Looks Delicious

GoSun Fusion in Action

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Written by Henry Has

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