Weekly Kickstarter: Oddball

Playing with a musical instrument is rewarding in a variety of ways. This action improves cognitive abilities, trains muscle memory and also lowers the level of anxiety and depression. Also, music allows expressing oneself and train imagination.

Sadly, not everyone has or had a chance to play with a musical instrument. For some people, instruments are too expensive as well as it is expensive to get a proper musical training. Therefore, people are trying to find out more affordable ways of introducing people to playing and creating music.

Now, there is a pretty affordable solution for those who want to start creating and playing music. Two interesting guys that met each other at the Royal College of Art create an Oddball. It is almost like drumset crammed into a ball.

Oddball allows creating sounds by only bouncing, pushing or catching it. The ball comes in two parts the ball and the app. The app connects to the ball via Bluetooth and triggers the sound in your phone or any other speaker. For their Kickstarter presentation watch the commercial below.

The Oddball is pressure sensitive that means that the harder you bounce the ball the more intense the sound and vice versa. Also, The Oddball app provides you with complete control of the ball sounds. It has expansive audio libraries such as traditional drum set, electronic and many more.

The app allows you to loop your beats, intricate tunes and play with multiple balls at once for more complex music playing and creating. Now, you can create awesome beats on the go.

Oddball Demo

Use It As a MIDI Controller

Standard Oddball Pack

You can back or buy this amazing gadget on its Kickstarter page here.

Few Photos of The Gadget


Written by Henry Has

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