Weekly Kickstarter: SureKey

This week’s Kickstarter is not high-tech, complicated or breathtaking. It is a simple solution to a really annoying everyday problem.

Have you ever left your home and got frustrated right away because you could not remember if you have locked the door? If so, there is a cheap and straightforward solution. SureKey is the world’s first add-on for your key. This add-on informs you if you have locked your door and beeps if you have left the key in a lock. For SureKey detailed introduction watch their Kickstarter video below.

SureKey not only notifies you if your door is locked or unlocked, it also can act as a key finder. The add-on will generate a sound if you leave the key in its unusual spot or if you leave it in the door. SureKey is a cheaper option than smart locks as well as it is totally offline so it cannot be hacked by blackhats.

You can support this project here.

Pictures of The SureKey Add-on



Written by Henry Has

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