5 Features to Look for in a Baby Stroller

Baby strollers are an important part of every parent’s life. From the time your baby is born, you will need to get down from your bed several times throughout the night and whenever your child starts crying for whatever reason. Having a good stroller by your side will make a world of difference in how smooth your life with the newborn will go. You should know that there are a lot of different brands out there, but I would advise you not to waste too much time choosing between them. Instead of wasting your time thinking about which baby stroller to buy, you should acquaint yourself with five things that each model must possess.

It is challenging for a parent to choose a stroller for their baby because it’s not just about carrying a baby around, but ensuring their safety. When you are in the market for a baby stroller, you will find different varieties and features that can overwhelm you. Most of the time you won’t even know whether you need a particular feature or not. Below are some of the best features to look for:

1. Foldable stroller:


Most of the time you won’t give much consideration to whether the pram folds or not when looking around. Then you end up buying a stroller which is not so compact, making it very difficult for us to carry it around, especially in the car. So, you must see how compact your stroller is and to what extent it can be folded up. Additionally, how easily you can fold the pram is another part of what you need to know. Being able to fold it with one hand and while handling your baby with the other hand is something that will make your life way easier.

A Folding baby stroller is the most practical baby stroller in case of traveling. Nowadays, people are much busy carrying foldable items for their babies and the baby stroller is cheaper as compared to other conventional baby strollers. Also, the customers are becoming more attracted towards the foldable baby strollers because it can be folded in very easy steps which make it more affordable too. There are many foldable baby strollers available in the market so that you can purchase from them as per your budget. As a parent, you should take care of your babies and buy a comfortable and safe place for them where they can feel relaxed and calm on long journeys apart from inside an apartment or house.

Some companies also offer double prams that are more useful. For buying double pram at Maxi-Cosi.

2. Check for locks and brakes:


Two years ago, I bought a baby stroller. I paid around $100 for it and when I brought it home and started to assemble it, I noticed that the right brake was very loose. On closer inspection, even the front wheel brakes were poorly machined and plastic parts were cracked at the edges. This stroller is definitely not good enough for an infant; no matter how strong they are they could fall out of it easily.

Brakes play a major role when you’re on the move. Some strollers have a button or brakes that allow you to lock the wheels or the stroller. Some have a foot brake to allow a mother to lock it without bending down. Some expensive strollers also have a lock on the front wheel which provides more stability to the baby pram.

Many people make the mistake of not double-checking to see if a stroller is locked when buying from online auction sites. The wheels on baby strollers can lock to prevent rolling, which can be helpful when carrying a child or navigating stairs. However, if you don’t check, it’s likely you will show up at the airport to find that you have a broken stroller that cannot be repaired due to the present location and time of your vacation.

3. Type of baby seat:


The seat is the main part of the baby pram that everyone considers because the comfort of the baby comes first. Despite being an important consideration, people often make mistakes and end up buying a stroller with an inappropriate seat. There are different types of seats present in different baby carts. For instance, some prams come with footrests along with seats to meet the needs of the growing baby. This will save you from having to purchase a new pram as your baby grows. Another feature to look for is extendable seats. This allows the parent to increase or decrease the size for a growing baby.

4. Shock absorbers:


Shock absorbers are the part of every vehicle that prevents bumpy rides. If the pram doesn’t have shock absorbers as a feature, it will result in bumpy rides making it tough for the baby to sit comfortably. With high-quality shock absorbers, you can easily navigate the baby pram to anywhere you have to go.

A baby stroller does not have the same lifespan as a regular stroller for adults. The fact is, it will need to be replaced sooner. The exact time will depend on how often you use it, but it’s also affected by safety issues too. Those safety issues could affect your baby when you are using them; this is why the safety issue of shock absorbers needs to be checked when buying a baby stroller.

The last thing you want is your child bumping along on the ride. The shocks on a baby stroller should be at least three centimeters in length, otherwise the stroller won’t be suitable for your child.

5. Basket:


A basket in a pram becomes very important because it can hold many things. When you buy a pram, find one with basket storage and also see its size to determine whether it meets your needs.
Check for a basket when you’re buying your baby stroller. It was the first piece of advice given to me when I became pregnant. He said “Make sure you get a stroller with a basket before you go shopping. Babies come with a lot more things than people realize. You won’t want to have to carry them all around and it will be nice to have a basket underneath so that you can put in your baby’s belongings. Trust me; get a stroller with a basket!”

Written by Bernadette Dawson

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