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Main Features and Characteristics of Betting on Wrestling – 2023 Guide

Modern wrestling is a variety of martial arts. They differ from each other in rules, permitted techniques, and methods of achieving victory. Wrestling originated in England and then spread to the United States. In 1916, the men’s competition was included in the list of disciplines of the Olympic Games, while women’s wrestling appeared at this event in 2004.

It is a widespread belief in the wrestling world that strong players mostly come from the post-Soviet region. Participants from Russia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia win tournaments more often than players from other countries. They are followed by athletes from the United States and Japan.

Types of Wrestling: Briefly About the Most Popular Ones


Wrestling is divided according to the ways in which victory is achieved. The main types include:

  • Greco-Roman. It takes place in a stand or ‘parterre’. It is not allowed to use your or your opponent’s legs or grab a player below the belt in a fight.
  • Freestyle. Also takes place in a parterre but here you can use legs and grab the player below the belt.
  • Sambo. It is carried out in a standing position as well, using various fighting techniques, legs, grips below the waist…
  • Judo. Stand, parterre. The use of strangulation, fighting techniques, legs, grabbing below the waist… is allowed. It is considered the most difficult type of wrestling of all of the above. In judo wrestling, a variety of techniques that fighters must learn and use correctly is used. Each of the methods of the fight can be used to earn a victory, but so that the opponent does not receive serious injuries.

Features of Betting on Wrestling

Wrestling cannot be viewed as a sure form of earnings on betting. It does not appear on markets of bookmakers so often, there is no wide line for 3 out of 4 games. At the same time, you can get high earnings, but you will have to study few factors.

Benefits of Betting on Wrestling


In the fight, you can bet on the underdog and the favorite at pretty much equally high odds. The odds are also influenced by the elimination betting system.

Wrestling bets are placed in live mode. Tournaments and rounds end quickly, and fighters constantly change tactics because they get tired. In the fight, the strength does not play the main role, but by the strategy used by the participant.

The tactics of the fighters often resemble chess calculation of moves. The player evaluates the condition of his rival, examines his weak points before and during the fight, and acts wisely. A bettor should also take this into account when making bets – the forecasts are made taking into account the positive and negative sides of the participants and their weaknesses and strength in a particular fight.

Disadvantages of Wrestling Bets


The wide line of games to bet applies only to freestyle wrestling, but with small odds. Other types of wrestling are not so popular among tipsters so there will be nothing to calculate a profitable strategy from. Nevertheless, professional bettors take advantage of this and win money.

Altogether, the season lasts no more than a month – so there are not many championships during a year, there is nothing to bet on. Nevertheless, during this short period of time, you can make money if you take into account the peculiarities of the sport. When it comes to ex-Soviet countries, there are regional and federal competitions, but also European and World Championships are held. Wrestling also exists as a popular sport in the Olympic Games. Most bookmakers among those that have this sport on their sportsbooks (you will find them at offer live broadcasts of wrestling matches.

Types of Wrestling Bets

Wrestling bets are similar to those given in other traditional sports.

1. Moneyline


It does not matter how the participant won – early in the fight or in the advantage on points at the end of the match.

2. Handicap

The winning of one player by points, taking into account the handicap set by the bookmaker.

3. Total


A difficult bet. It is almost impossible to guess how long the fight will go on: whether it will end with the first move of one player or go until the end. In the first case, the odds will be high.

4. Concrete method of ending the fight

Bettor is asked to guess by which method the fight will be completed. You must study information about the basic techniques. Clarification: just the method must be specified in the bet, not the participant.

What to Bet On in the Fight: Bet Types and Analytics Features


Each wrestling championship has weight categories. Players are classified into one category or another and play with rivals of the same weight. If a wrestler has moved to another class, his results might change, but over time, that participant will begin to use the techniques that brought him success in other categories.

A lot hinges on the fans’ support in the fight. For example, in Azerbaijan or Georgia, people who come to watch the fight loudly cheer for their favorite player and are active as much as possible. The judges, under the influence of the fans, take the side of the fighter who is supported – this is an important factor in placing bets.

Wrestling’s most popular style, freestyle, is organized in a circular pattern. This means that a player can have two fights a day on the schedule. This factor should be taken into account when placing a bet. The physical fitness of athletes is different – one will win 2 fights and go for the third, and the other will not be able to fight in even one with full strength. If a player does not attack and studies his opponent more – he is tired and is not ready to play with 100 % of his capabilities. It is recommended to try moneyline bet if the player is very active and a total if the participant is inactive.

The head-to-head meetings of the participants play a crucial role in the fight. If one of the fighters clearly knows how to beat the other player, he will most likely win the next fight as well. You should research the players’ statistics, as well as their opponents’ selection and motivation. From there, the tipster guesses who will lose in the fight.

Written by Mari Emer

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