Decoding Dreams: What Does It Mean When You Dream About Babies?

Have you ever woken up in the morning, feeling weird, and thinking how your dream may have had some message to you? Some dreams give that specific feeling that something is going to happen, and you can’t even ignore the feeling you already have. Many people will say that there is no message shared through the dreams, but others are deeply concerned every time they experienced something while they were sleeping.

Dreaming is widely believed to be a powerful way of connecting you to your higher self and even with your spirit guides. Being in an unconscious state of high relaxation allows you to process certain stressful events and let go of particular challenges.

It may seem a little uncommon, but there are a surprising number of meanings that come from dreaming about babies. The overall meaning can depend on what the baby is doing, whether they are known to you, and what else happens in your dream.

In some traditions, these dreams are a sign that someone is trying to put some guilt on you, or you need to take care of someone you know. Many people don’t find it pleasant, even though babies are cute in the real life. But, sometimes, it can be a result of your wish to have a child, or for someone else to become a parent. Also, the eventual meaning depends on the conditions and situations your brain created while you were sleeping.

Because the meaning of dreams and function of babies can differ greatly, these are some of the most common scenarios that people experience when they dream about babies, and what they could mean.

Dreaming Of Your Own Baby


If you are pregnant or if you have a newborn at home, dreaming about your baby can be a sign that you want to connect to them and create a bond with your baby. On a more symbolic note, dreaming about your baby represents new opportunities that are coming your way.

This could be a sign that there is a part of your own inner nature that is vulnerable and pure. Your spirit guides could be trying to show you to trust the universe and make the most out of new opportunities that arise.

Dreaming about breastfeeding your baby is a big indicator that you want to form a bond with them. It can also be a symbol of prosperity, and that you are working towards or about to achieve harmonious relationships with loved ones.

The general meaning is that you are already thinking about your new child a lot. They are a part of your life that you may still not be used to it. It’s a confusing time, expecting a child, or being a new parent, especially if that’s your first time. But, don’t worry, even those who have a few children already have these dreams, and it’s pretty normal. Parents are thinking of their kids all the time, and they take a lot of their thoughts, so if you dream for your baby too often, maybe it’s a sign that you need to pay more attention to yourself and take proper care.

But, let’s see how the meaning may vary from the things the baby is doing in the dream.

What Are They Doing?

Dreaming about babies is normally seen as an indicator that something in your life is progressing and growing. Whether that is yourself, a particular project, or the urge to reproduce. However, the specific meaning of your dream depends on what the baby or babies are doing.



If you see more than one baby walking in your dreams, it could be a sign that your life is about to be filled with happiness and satisfaction. One walking baby is considered to represent new and sudden independence in many traditions. It could be a metaphor for good luck and prosperity. Also, it may reflect the parents’ fear of their child being alone, and walking away from them one day.


A baby that is laughing gleefully and loudly is usually a sign that you will receive positive news in the near future. This will not necessarily be something that you expect and is likely to come from a distant place. Dreaming about a laughing baby can also be a sign that you have good relationships in your life and that you are sincere.

In some traditions it can refer to some devilish meanings because many people believe that the devil takes a cute and attractive form in our dreams, so they can trick us into trusting and loving them. And we all know babies have adorable laughter. Surely, this is not true, but it’s one of the most common beliefs among people.



There are two main meanings of seeing a sleeping baby in your dreams. The first is that you are at peace and content within your waking life. However, depending on what type of situation you find yourself in during your waking life, dreaming about a sleeping baby could be a sign that you are disconnected from some of the challenges that life is throwing at you, and you need to acknowledge them in order to progress.

Or maybe, if your baby doesn’t sleep much, and your dream and hope that they will change their mind, and let you sleep more this night.


Keep yourself safe, because there could be a troublemaker in your life. If you dream about a talking baby, it could be a way of alerting you to problems and challenges in your near future. You may need to confront someone, and remember to be alert of these possible challenges.

Also, it may reflect your hopes and impatience, to finally have a chance to talk to your child and be sure they understand what you are talking to them. It’s a phase that will eventually happen, but many parents can’t wait for that moment, so it comes to their dreams every night.



Another way that the meaning of your dreams about babies can alter in its meaning is if they are teething. There are a lot of hidden intricacies when it comes to deciphering the meaning of these dreams, but if you see a baby with teeth in your dreams, it is generally a sign that a project you have been working on for a long time will be prosperous.

Also, this is one of the most stressful events, because when the teeth grow, they make the baby angry and in pain. Many parents have fears for these moments, and that’s why they reflect all that while they are sleeping.

Being A Baby

It is actually pretty common to dream that you are a baby, and it is normally a sign that you feel vulnerable and helpless within your waking life. You may be avoiding certain responsibilities, and be seeking more comfort and nurturing from those around you or even from within.

Or maybe you miss your careless childhood, or you want to avoid some of the responsibilities you have as an adult too.


There are a surprising number of different meanings when it comes to dreaming about babies. Make sure you take the time to think about your current situation and process how you are feeling within your life if you find yourself dreaming about a particular animal or baby frequently.

The overall meaning of these certain dreams can differ greatly in their overall meaning depending on your relationship with your family, whether you are currently pregnant or have a baby and your mental state. To learn more about what your dreams mean, visit

Written by Philip Goguen

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