Buy Used Or New Honda Ridgeline: 8 Things To Know

The Honda Ridgeline is a great pickup truck. It is a compact vehicle that offers good towing capacity. It comes with a V6 engine, and the new version comes with all-wheel drive. However, most people are confused about where they should go for the old model or try out the new one.

If you are one of those who are confused about the new Honda Ridgeline and its properties, continue to read this article to know more. The new model is promised to be the right balance of driving comfort and a powerful engine.

Should You Buy A New Honda Ridgeline Or Go For A Used One

The Engine And The Horsepower


The engine for the 2020 and the 2021 version is the same three-and-a-half liter V6 model. So if you buy the 2020 model, you will not lose much in terms of engine. The horsepower of a vehicle of both the old and the new model is also the same, that is 280 hp.

A vehicle’s horsepower is a measure of how much power your engine can produce per unit of time. So both a new model and an old one is expected to give you the same power. However, a used vehicle will require more frequent visits to the mechanic. Old engines will need frequent changes in engine lubrication and wiring.

If the car is six months to a year old, then the maintenance changes will be minimal, but for every thousand kilometers that the vehicle has traveled, the frequency of changing engine oil and other maintenance work will increase incrementally. So the cost that you save by buying a second hand vehicle will be more or less offset by the cost incurred in repair and maintenance work.

The Towing Capacity Of The Vehicle

The towing capacity of a towing truck is of paramount importance. Most Honda Ridgeline trucks allow an excellent towing capacity; most trucks have a lockable cargo space below the bed of the truck.

The 2021 model comes with a towing capacity of five thousand pounds, while older used trucks may offer a towing capacity anywhere between three thousand five hundred to five thousand pounds. So if you are looking for a heavy-duty model that offers maximum towing capacity, go for a new vehicle. However, if a towing capacity of four thousand pounds is good enough for you, you can also buy a used model.

Availability Of All Wheel Drive


A new vehicle will give you all-wheel drive, whereas a used model will not. An all-wheel drive means the traction offered during acceleration is great. So if you are someone who has to drive through rough roads or through rough weather ( snow and constant rain), an all-wheel drive (the new model) is a great option for you.

Availability Of A Physical Volume Knob

The old model of a Honda Ridgeline comes with a capacitive control for the volume of the radio or any audio that you need to use in the vehicle. But most people want a physical volume knob instead of one which is touchscreen-based (capacitive).

Most travelers and drivers feel that a physical knob gives them more maneuverability. So if you are traveling in your truck and there is an announcement of an impending snowfall, the physical knob will increase the volume quickly so that you do not miss out on key details of the broadcast.

Availability Of Loan


A Honda Ridgeline is expensive, whether a brand-new or used model. So if you are planning on buying either, you will most likely be available for a vehicle loan. The loan for a used model will be more expensive than that for a new model. The interest rate for loans on old vehicles will be higher than that of new vehicles, so if you do not want to pay a lot of interest for a new model.

The Resale Value

You can sell any vehicle, but when you sell a used model, it will be a third-hand car for the buyer. Second hand cars are less expensive than brand-new trucks, and thirdhand cars fetch a lower price than second hand ones. So if you wish to resell your truck, it is better to avoid buying a previously used model.

Payment Of Taxes And Fees


Any vehicle you want to use needs to be registered with the authorities, be it old or new. Vehicles need to pay road taxes, cesses for vehicular pollution, etc. However, most of the paperwork will be done in a few years if you buy a used car. So you can just ask the seller( previous owner) for the papers, and you do not need to do any paperwork for quite some time.

However, there is a disadvantage to buying a used truck in terms of cess and tax payments. The older the model, the higher the vehicular cess that the owner has to pay. This is because an old model is less aligned with vehicular pollution control norms.

They are usually not fitted with advanced catalytic converters and filters, so they pollute more. And hence most used trucks will require a heavier fee and cess payment.

The Rate Of Depreciation For An Used Model Is Lower

Most of the car’s deprivation happens within the first two to three years of purchasing the car. So if you buy a used model that is four or five years old, you will not notice much depreciation.

Moreover, you will get the model for a much lower price than the market value of the brand-new model. So in the long term, a used car may be as good as buying a brand-new one in terms of performance.


The choice between buying a new model depends on many factors, like desirability for advanced features, the loan facilities available, the rate of depreciation the car undergoes, etc. So you can buy a new model if you want the latest features but go for a used one if you care for long-term value for money.

Written by Philip Goguen

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