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Excellent Online Tools for Small Businesses

It would not be a stretch to suggest that the majority of business are investing more and more into having an online presence. The internet has made everything easier for us, therefore it is only natural that a well-established website is a key if you want to thrive and make money.

Of course, no matter what industry you are in, there will always be competition and those who are looking to take things to the next level. To stay ahead of the curve, you will need everything at your disposal. There are quite a lot of underrated tools available for just that.

If you want to find out about them, make sure to read on.


One of the best ways to stand out from the rest is by having something powerful and unique. Since most websites depend on various infographics and charts, Visme does wonders for everyone who is interested in this. You have a choice of hundreds of templates, images, fonts, etc. Creating unique imagery becomes a piece of cake.

Depending on the needs, you can add extra media, like audio, video, or maps.


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As the name suggests, this tool is meant to take better control of those who work for you. While some would argue that this is a bit unethical, nothing is more important than efficiency. The time employees spend browsing on social media or other work-unrelated websites is really big. Controlio is the best when it comes to ensuring that you are aware of everything that is happening on your employee’s PC. One condition is that the OS has to be Windows.

You can purchase a yearly plan for 80 dollars and use it on as many computers as you want. It will not be long before you realize how much productivity has increased.


Having a record of everything that is happening in the company can be a lifesaver. Hardly anything does the job better than actiTIME. You can try the tool for free and see whether it is to your liking. Most companies have decided to stick with it. You can manage work assignments, track time and work progress, harvest the data and make adjustments accordingly to the information that becomes available. If you decide to purchase it for a whole year, it will cost you about 1 thousand dollars, and the tool is available for 20 users which should be more than enough for a small business.


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A lot of web project developers will tell you how much resources Netlify has saved for them. Depending on your needs, you can pick choose from three different plans or just customize one for yourself. Deploying a project becomes a piece of cake with the help of this tool.

Some features include automated deployment, on an option to add custom domains, automate HTTPS, and previewing changes.

Leaving everything in the hands of a smart tool will ensure that everything is taken care of, and you will not have to fuss about potential errors that occur during setups and integrations.


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There are a lot more different diagrams and charts than you could possibly believe. A lot of people have problems focusing their attention during meetings. One of the best ways to solve the issue is by having a presentation that catches their eye. Since presentations rely on charts and diagram, professionalism matters a lot. LucidChart helps you create simple and complex diagrams and charts. You will finally realize how different everything becomes when you can communicate with clarity and they heed your every word.

So to make a conclusion, there are a lot of different tools on the internet that can help you with running a business. These 5 mentioned here are all worth consideration if you believe that they can be of use. If nothing else, you have an option to try them without paying by signing for a free trial.

Written by Henry Has

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