10 Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Have you ever wondered how could you improve your overall well-being? How might you increase your productivity and waste less time on not such important tasks?

If so, we are here to help you to make your life easier and more productive. There are many gadgets out there which you could use to do stuff. However, not all of them might serve a meaningful purpose in one’s life. There are devices which were made only to make you addictive to it, and allow you to waste your time. I can bet that nobody likes that.

Keeping this in mind, I made a collection of gadgets which you never knew you might need. These devices are created to make your life more productive, easier and enjoyable.


With the majority of people nowadays working a sedentary job, it is becoming crucial to follow how much you move your body, how much calories you burn and follow your heart-rate. And here is where smartwatches come in. They can measure your pulse, tell you how many calories that morning job burned, how many steps you took and, of course, what time it is. And all except the last one can be sent directly to your Android or iOS smartphone. I recommend buying this one.

Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to work or clean around the house with the help of your favorite music? Well even if you haven’t – we have. A wireless Bluetooth speaker can play anything you’d like about 6 – 10 meters from the device and can be connected to any gadget that supports Bluetooth. So you can always be accompanied by all that wonderful music. You can buy one here.

3D Pen

Art fans will love this one. A 3D pen is similar to a normal pen; only it fills up with the same material as 3D printers do and, here’s the best part, when you draw with it, it draws fully in 3D. Want to own a cool-looking mini Eifel tower figure? Boom, you’ve got it. How about a T – Rex? There it is. And lately, they’ve become cheaper than ever. And you can find them in bigger and a little more serious tech stores or you can buy Slim Line PRO.

Google Chromecast

This small USB flash drive reminding gadget hides a beasty functionality underneath. All you have to do is plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port of your TV, log in to your google account through your smartphone and you can stream content from your phone to the TV. Movies, music, videos – anything you like. You can get it here.

Eero WiFi

Eero WiFi is a system of routers that can be placed in various places throughout your house or apartment to avoid WiFi “dead zones”. These are zones, where, because of furniture or walls, there is practically no WiFi connection. The routers are tiny and easy to install and start using. You can purchase the system from the Eero’s website.


Probably every house has a thermostat – a gadget that regulates the temperature indoors. Well, Ecobee4 is the next generation smart thermostat. Not only can it detect if you’re home based on your phones WiFi signal and adjust accordingly, but it also comes with several room sensors that can detect hot and cold spots in your home and even out the temperature throughout the whole house. These thermostats are sold on Ecobee‘s website.

Google Home

Google Home is the smart wireless assistant you’ve always wanted. It works like an AI, and it can work in unison with other compatible gadgets in your home. And it is speech – controlled. Start by saying “Ok, Google” and ask away. You can manage your schedules, ask her to solve problems, help you with homework, ask for the weather forecast, play music, set your thermostat, turn on a specific channel on the TV and so on. You can purchase your very own assistant on the Google’s website.

Anker PowerPort 4

This USB wall charger is specifically designed to fast charge any of your smart gadgets. It has four USB ports to which you can connect all your smart gadgets such as tablets, phones or smartwatches. In some cases, PowerPort 4 even charges devices faster than the stock chargers. Also, it comes in different colors and different plugs, depending on where you live. You can grab one here.

AmazonBasics 5-Way Multi Headphone Splitter

Everybody loves listening to music. No matter the fact, that 3.5 mm headphone jack is disappearing from some smartphones, headphones are still one of the most used gadgets. And if you want to share a great new hit that you’ve just discovered with your friends and co-workers, it might be a little awkward just to give them a single headphone piece. This is where the 5 branch headphone splitter comes in. Just plug it in your audio jack and plug in up to 5 pairs of headphones and share the wonderful gift of music. You can buy it here.

Cleaning robot

You’ve probably heard of the floor cleaning robots on the TV, but you shouldn’t knock it ‘till you try it. They are the maids that you’ve always dreamed about that would vacuum or clean tile floors while you’re out working or running errands. Just set it to clean floors or vacuum carpets and leave it to do what it does best. One more reason to get one is that their prices have dropped, so what are you waiting for? Go get a floor cleaning buddy here!

Written by Henry Has

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