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Have you ever heard about lucid dreaming? If not, let me introduce me you to it. The lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. During the lucid dream, the person can change the set, fulfill his or her fantasies, practice sports and much more. In general, the dreamer can manipulate their own dreams.

It is pretty hard to start and get good in lucid dreaming. There are some techniques that can help, however, none of them have a good chance of success in the beginning or even when you are a more advanced lucid dreamer. Some say you can better at sports if you practice it during a lucid dream. So it might be a great thing to learn for athletes.

One Kickstarter project claims that its product can revolutionize lucid dreaming and make it accessible to everyone with little practice. InstaDreamer is a bracelet that is said to make lucid dreaming with a 70% chance. It uses Pavlovian conditioning when subtle vibrations train your brain to recognize when you are dreaming and lets you achieve lucid dreaming. You can check their Kickstarter presentation below.

Achieving lucid dreaming frequently was pretty hard, however, InstaDreamer¬†says that it will make lucid dreaming as easy as possible. Until now, the gadgets for achieving lucid dreaming where really uncomfortable used sounds or some kind of lights. Most of those products were not that successful in helping one achieve a lucid dream. The InstaDreamer¬†bracelet according to the founders is comfortable and discrete. It comes in various sizes and can fit on any wrist. Also, it does not disrupt your or your partner’s sleep cause it does not use any sounds or lights.

Sleep Data Collection

The InstaDream also collects information about your sleep. It measures sleep cycles, body temperature, pulse and movements. It uses that data to gently vibrate and allow you to entry into the lucid dream. The bracelet does not require constant Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to send data to the InstaDream mobile app. It stores the information on itself and send the data to the mobile app whenever there is a connection between them.

Adjustable Band Size

Simple and Comfortable Design

Inbuilt Alarm Clock

Pavlovian Conditioning

You can back this amazing project here.

Written by Henry Has

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