7 Steps On What To Do After A Car Accident? – 2023 Guide

Car accidents are inevitable for a lot of us who commute and travel daily. The more often your travel in a high traffic area the higher the probability of getting into a car accident.

Even in situations where you might be the best driver, that doesn’t mean other people are, and this is what can lead to an accident. Now to be able to prepare mentally and physically for anything that could happen on the road, there are a few things you will need to do during and after an accident.

Before we go over what steps we need to take after a car accident, let’s go over our mentality first. It isn’t easy to remain in a calm state during a car accident, but by breathing in and out, and remaining calm, this will lower your cortisol/stress levels, reduce anxiety and reduce your brain’s opportunity to think of negative thoughts.

Hopefully, you are not in any physical condition, you will need to contact the right people in order to handle this situation successfully. Whether it be a towing company like, get the right people involved.

1. Remaining Calm And Moving On

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As discussed above, remaining calm during these situations is going to reduce the stress and anxiety levels you bring to your body which can worsen mental or physical pain.

Do not run away from the situation if you were the person who caused the accident, and most importantly don’t use anger or rage to make the situation worse where violence is involved. This can cause you to get the police involved, and potentially ambulance if you are already in a physically damaged condition.

Once you have calmed down to the point where you are not enraged, observe the situation and most importantly your physical condition.

Turn on your hazard lights, ensure you are safe on the side of the road or ensure there are no cars around you when you open your door.

2. Observing Your Situation

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When you are observing your situation, locate how your car has been damaged and be sure to indicate how it happened. If someone has bumped into you, see the condition of their car and ensure they are calm as well.

In this situation you will want to grab their information, including driver’s license and insurance. If the situation is severe you will want to contact police, and if physical condition, calling the ambulance is necessary.

If the situation is not severe, you might encounter a situation where both parties don’t want to use insurance, or the person who bumped into you doesn’t want to use insurance.

Even if this is the case, you will want to grab their insurance in case the other person runs away afterward.

3. Choosing The Right Tower

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Sometimes you don’t need to get a tow truck involved, but sometimes it isn’t safe for you or the person who hit you to drive their vehicle.

Visiting Google Maps and typing in your “City + Towing” and you will find a list of towing companies to choose from. Assessing each one based on reviews, how close they are to your location is crucial.

If the towing company is close to you, this may allow you to pay a lower travel cost versus a company that is further away.

4. Taking Care Of Your Vehicle

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At this point you may have dropped your vehicle at a local auto shop near your home or once you are comfortable visiting.

All of this will definitely cost you a lot of money which is why if you can get insurance involved that will save you versus the premium it will go up by.

If your car is required to stay at the auto shop for a long time, this is where you will need to get a rental vehicle to keep you company for the time being. There are many companies like Spend in Canada that offer rental services.

5. Keep Your Information Handy

You will want to keep all records handy in case the situation escalates in the future. The person might come back saying he has back pain from his accident and this will come back to haunt you. In some states and provinces, the person has 2 years to come back with any reason to collect more insurance.

6. Keep Yourself Safe

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If a person is making false claims or is taking legal action, this is where an injury lawyer will come into play. Know your rights as a person, and be sure to protect yourself with anything that happens. This is why it is crucial to keep your documents safe and ensure you have enough evidence to defend yourself.

Being in a car accident is extremely overwhelming. After you’ve received medical help and spoken with the police, be sure to seek legal assistance. The experienced team at Serious Injury Law Group will help you receive the compensation you deserve.

7. How To Take Extra Precaution

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To take extra precautions, here are a few things you need or can use to keep yourself safe. Keeping a car camera in the front and back of your vehicle can help to defend yourself in an accident.

There have been situations where a person is driving in front of you and they press their breaks but their back red lights don’t turn on. Now because of this you might rear-end them accidentally, but if you have it on camera you can use this as evidence to protect yourself.


In conclusion, if you are in a car accident whether you are at fault or the other person always ensures you stay at the scene and collect as much information as possible. Taking a picture of license plates, drivers licenses, and car insurance information will help you in the long-run.

Depending on the level of accident, and the physical injury, you might need to call a police officer or ambulance to the scene to handle the situation professionally. A tow truck should also be called to tow any cars that are unsafe or unable to drive on the road.

In the end, be safe and ensure you are wearing your seatbelt. Keep all your information and evidence ready for anything that could happen in a few years.

Written by iv Vronski

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