6 Most Popular TV Shows Every Man Should See – 2023 Guide

Watching films and TV shows can have such a positive impact on your life, which is why a lot of people think that this is the best form of entertainment. You get to learn something new while having fun, which is the best combination there is.

Of course, this only applies if you are watching educational content, but that doesn’t mean that a man cannot let go every once in a while and watch something solely for the visual effects and the action.

Many people perceive films and TV shows in a different way. Some acknowledge it as content that’s entirely staged, which is true, but some get immersed in it so much that it takes days for them to get out of the role of the main character. Either way, if you’re having fun you’re spending your time in a good way, but for you to have fun, you need the right content to watch.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the six most popular TV shows that every man should see, so let’s not make this introduction any longer than what it needs to be, and jump straight into the content.

1. The Punisher

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If you ask us, this is a masterpiece created by Steve Lightfoot, starring Jon Bernthal, possibly the best actor that they could’ve chosen for the role of The Punisher. This TV series is currently available on Netflix, but you can find it on other platforms as well. The first episode aired out in November 2017, and the last one premiered in January 2019. As you can see, it’s a relatively new show, and we recommend it.

If you don’t know anything about The Punisher, you might want to do slight background research, but it’s not mandatory. The show has a great storyline and a lot of cool action, so it will keep you entertained for many hours. It has two seasons, and both are equally exciting. Jon Bernthal spent a lot of time preparing for this role, which is what makes the main character stand out so much.

2. Sons of Anarchy

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If you find the biker culture appealing, and you want to learn some more about it, you should watch Sons of Anarchy. This show has seven seasons, and it’s a real emotional rollercoaster. Each episode is packed with drama and action, and you’ll never get bored of any of the characters. Don’t get too attached to them however, because the biker gang life is cruel.

Currently, this show is rated 95%, which is pretty huge for something that started back in 2008. After watching this, we recommend that you see Mayans MC as well, which is a spin-off that’s also pretty well done. Although all of the characters in SoA are manly and tough, there are a lot of emotional moments in the series, so be prepared for it.

For such a great action-drama, you’ll need good picture quality, so if you still haven’t done this, make sure to check out and get your aerial from there.

3. Shooter

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If you are into conspiracy theories, special ops went corrupt, and just overall a lot of action and adrenaline, Shooter is the right TV show for you. Currently, it is available on Netflix, and it has three entire seasons packed with so many exciting moments for you to see.

The main character is Bob Lee Swagger, a legendary sniper who got set-up for assassinating the president. The entire show starts from the moment he got set up, and the rest we’re not going to uncover.

Ryan Phillippe suits the role of Bob Lee Swagger so well, and the acting in this show, in general, is quite good, so you won’t have to worry about not being immersed. The episodes are about forty minutes on average, so they’re not too long, and you’ll be able to fit one in-between work or any other chore.

4. Black Mirror

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If you’re wondering how the future is going to look like if things ever decide to go downhill, Black Mirror is the perfect example of it. This TV show is very popular, and it’s currently available on Netflix. Each episode has a different story to tell, so you don’t have to watch them in a specific order. Some hidden elements are common and can be seen in multiple episodes, but in general the story is not connected.

This show is well made and it recently featured something that a lot of us saw for the first time, which is a fully-interactive episode called “The Bandersnatch”. We’re not going to uncover anything about it, but know that you’re in for a treat.

5. Game of Thrones

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Chances are that you’ve already watched this, or if you haven’t, someone told you to do it. Well, we didn’t like how hyped this show is until we decided to see what it is about. After finishing it, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s one of the best things that ever aired out on TV. It’s great in every aspect, although a lot of people who have the books say that they’re better than the show.

It’s a lot easier to write a book budget-wise, than to make so many expensive video effects, so it’s pretty understandable why the books are more detailed, or should we say, the show is less detailed. Either way, you have to watch it, it’s great.

6. Dexter

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If you are into solving mysteries and catching lunatic serial-killers, you can do it alongside with Dexter, a professional blood forensic expert by day, and an undercover crime-hunter at night. Even if this is your first investigation-themed show, we have a strong feeling that you’ll end up liking it, simply because it’s so well-made and the actors are insanely good.

Dexter has quite a lot of seasons, but each one of them is exciting because it features a different criminal that our main character has to go after. It has a lot of plot twists and exciting moments, so don’t miss any of it.

Written by iv Vronski

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