How to Pick the Perfect Office Space for Your Business

Today most companies are using agile models and flexible working models to enhance productivity. It is understandable that most companies have shifted to virtual workspace due to the Covid-19 impact. Still, a traditional office setup is not a thing of the past. Additionally, the physical workspace proves to be a strong factor weighing the success of the company. The perfect office space demonstrates the values, ethics, and culture and gives an identity to the company. The office personifies the work people do and what the company is all about. Today the interiors and exteriors of course are the key factors to impact the working style of employees. The modern offices consider Frameless glass partition walls to intensify class, and decor and also promote transparent working models in the company.

Since physical space is of high value let us see How to pick the perfect office space for a business.

1. The design, infrastructure, and style:


This is the most crucial feature which dominates everything else. Every company has to ensure it has proper design, layout, and amenities that increase the productivity of the employees. The look and style are intricate in choosing the office space. Today there is so much preference given to interior design as it enhances the work environment. There are many unique ways to design the office space and one of them is by using glass interiors. Glass partitions, glass doors, and windows are ethereal. It instantly refreshes the mood which contributes to work efficiency. Glass interiors help in creating sleek and modern offices. The businesses can incorporate the most commonly used glass partitions which are:

  1. Glass Walls: Helps in increasing natural light, and increasing space. Portable ones help in efficient space usage.
  2. Cubicles: Improves communication and creates vibrance.
  3. Sneeze Guards: For any business today it is important to update to safety standards. The glass screen guards are safe and chic.
  4. Glass Railings: They elevate the look of the staircase. It is safe and easy to clean and can also be customized according to business aesthetics.

2. Location:


The location plays a vital role in making a good impression. The location is key to attracting both employees and clients. The prime factors to consider are accessibility to reach the office and the cost to reach the office for the employees. The businesses must ensure that the neighborhood is excellent. And, it must speak for itself in terms of access to common public hangouts like coffee shops, gyms, transport points, etc. These things are important to keep the employees happy and help in fast navigation.

3. Size of the office:


It is a critical point to consider checking the right size of the office space. Office space comes at a high cost therefore to make sure that it is not adversely affecting the business profits the size of the office must be decided. The space utilization must be optimized so that the cost spent on the office is efficiently used. If the company is just starting, the space could be anywhere from 1000 to 2000 square feet. Generally, the offices must follow a minimum 70 square foot space for a single employee. Based on this calculation in addition to storage, parking, and other utility areas the commercial space must be planned. Also, the business must keep in mind long-term goals like recruits, business expansion, etc as it helps in opting for the right space for the company.

Today there is an immense increase in the number of entrepreneurs all over the world. One of the toughest decisions the business owner or the entrepreneur has to take is designing a perfect workspace for the employees. For example, any business whether big or small generally takes off from the home or garage. Once the revenues start kicking in the prime decision is to create an identity for the company through a physical office. The points mentioned above could be considered when choosing the office space.

Written by Philip Goguen

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