All About the Semper Solaris Scholarship

California is one of the leading states in adopting solar energy, and Semper Solaris has been a big part of that transition. The company offers various services related to solar energy, including solar panel installation, battery storage, roofing, heating, and air conditioning. They are also known for hiring war veterans from within the solar industry.

Semper Solaris has helped homeowners lower their energy bills for over a decade, and their work has been instrumental in moving California closer to its goal of using 100% renewable energy. With more and more people becoming interested in solar power, Semper Solaris is poised to continue playing a vital role in the state’s clean energy future.

A commitment to the future of solar energy


Semper Solaris recognizes that students are the future of solar energy advancement. Consequently, they are focusing more than ever before on investing in exceptional students who are passionate about alternative energy and want to help make the world a better place using renewable energy.

The Semper Solaris Scholarship is one way they support these students; it offers prize money for college education. This year’s scholarship contest has 2 top prizes of $3000 and $1750. In recent years, the total prize money has been around $10,000, but it is expected to be more than $20,000 by 2023. By supporting student success, Semper Solaris is helping to ensure that solar energy continues to progress and positively impact the world.

Who is eligible for the scholarship

The Semper Solaris Scholarship is available to students who are U.S. citizens or legal residents of the U.S. This scholarship is not open to international students. To be eligible, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4-point scale. You will also need to provide proof of enrolment at a college or university in the form of a letter from the institution, a schedule of your class, or a college transcript in a non-editable format. Be aware that forms 1-20 will not be accepted as proof of enrollment. Students studying at a military academy, community college, or home-schooled are also eligible to apply for the Semper Solaris Scholarship.

What you need to know about the essay


College students need to submit an essay on the topic – “How can solar and renewable energy help local communities?”. The essay should be well-articulated, free from spelling mistakes, and be at least 1000 words. You should also cite your sources where applicable. High School students need to submit an essay on the topic – “How do you see Solar Power changing our country in the future?”. The minimum word requirement for them is 750.

Make sure you submit an error-free essay, and you cite your sources

Your essay should be free of errors, both grammatical and spelling. It should also be properly sourced if you use any information that is not common knowledge. Remember to include in-text citations and a list of references if you use any sources for your essay. Failure to do so may result in your essay being disqualified.

Any mistakes in your essay will reflect poorly on your application, so proofread it carefully before you submit it. You can have someone else read it over to catch any mistakes you might have missed. It’s also a good idea to run a spell checker and grammar checker on your essay before you submit it.

Written by Philip Goguen

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