4 Possible Reasons Why Your Phone Won’t Turn On

When you buy a new phone, you always wish to have the best features and specifications it could have, and sometimes you get the most suitable handset for you.

There might be times when your phone won’t turn off for several reasons, but you are not sure what those reasons could be? In the further article, we will talk about all those.

Is there any good reason why my telephone won’t turn on?

There are a few potential reasons why your mobile won’t turn on, from battery inability to programming issues and many other issues you might not be aware of. Yet, most times, you can limit it down to a couple of normal issues, which we will discuss in the further article.

Some Of The Possible Reasons Why Your Phone Won’t Turn On:

Let’s talk about all those issues in detail. This will help you in knowing the reason for your phone’s bad functioning.

1. A Deteriorated Battery:


Your phone might be unresponsive on the grounds that the battery is drained. This is one of the most common reasons because of why your phone might not turn on. Usually, people think that their phone is not getting turned on because of the insufficient charging in their phone battery. Figure out ways of limiting the battery channel. There are many solutions on the internet, and in the further article, we will talk about that also.

2. Water Or Actual Harm:


Usually, the phone gets turned off because of the phone getting into the water. Many mobile phones are water-resistant, but when it gets soaked up too much in the water, it affects the parts of the phone, resulting in the phone damage. When the parts are damaged gradually, your phone doesn’t work, and when you try it on, it does not respond.

Dropped your phone in the sink as of late? Indeed, even a modest quantity of fluid can cause significant harm if it gets inside your gadget. As mentioned above, water does deteriorate the quality of your gadgets parts, so try to protect your phone from any exposure to fluid or water.

Dropping your smartphone on a hard surface can likewise cause some inward harm, regardless of whether there aren’t perceptible breaks or breaks. Not only does dropping your phone in water do a lot of damage, but when it hits any surface, it usually puts a lot of pressure on your phone which ultimately damages your phone completely. Try to protect your phone as much as you can.

3. The Software Glitch:


Software glitch is one of the rarest things to happen with your handset, but when you experience this problem, it becomes really hard to recover the phone because if the software gets disturbed, it gets hard to recover the whole data of your phone. It requires good repair, and you must take your phone to reliable repair shops because you don’t want your phone getting into the wrong hands, which might not be able to repair your phone properly.

It may be a product issue whenever an iPhone doesn’t turn on, or the screen is dark. The equivalent goes for Android gadgets. Both types of phones experience this issue, but you can repair it from the repair shops. Software glitches usually have a really bad impact on the longevity and workability of your phone so try to get it repaired from a good repairing station so that it does not deteriorate in quality. Every person wants their phone to get repaired as soon as possible so try to find a fast phone repair shop so that it does not cause any inconvenience in your work.

4. Virus:


Many people don’t usually know that viruses have a lot of impact on the workability of a gadget. If your phone won’t turn on, there might be a virus on your device. You often don’t even know when it gets into your handset and when it gets started building in your phone.

It usually slowly starts making your phone hang a lot, and ultimately it results in the phone not working up to its capability. In many cases, it won’t even turn on, and you can only see a black screen. Try to have good antiviruses and protect your phone from fraud websites or software that might allow the virus to enter.

Things To Consider If Your Phone Freezes And Won’t Turn On:

Even though we have mentioned an obvious point above of going directly to the repair shop, it is recommended first to go to repair shops because they are experts and know how to resolve the issue. Further, we will talk about some of the other points so that if you want to do it by yourself, you can consider it.

Try out Power Cycle:

We’ve all accomplished a frozen smartphone. When it happens, we usually panic a lot. The screen is unresponsive, and none of the buttons work. It happens in a powered-off stage also.

In the event that your Android telephone won’t turn on, one arrangement is to play out a power cycle. A power cycle is a good way to consider if you want to do something for a frozen screen. You can consider doing this. For old gadgets with a removable battery, it’s essentially as simple as taking out the battery, holding up a couple of moments, and placing it in once more.

Reset Your Android Device:

This is the last option you should take. If your phone has certain glitches and gets turned on and then turned off, you can consider restarting your phone. Even though it will wipe away your information so this is something that you might not consider. Maybe your gadget will turn on yet can’t make it past the boot cycle to your home screen. For this situation, you can attempt to reset your gadget.

Parting Words:

If you are facing the issue of a black screen and your phone won’t turn on, you can probably consider the things we mentioned above.

Written by Philip Goguen

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