What Is the Dead Man’s Hand in Poker & Why Is It Called That

If you are also a fan of good stories from the past, then I recommend you stay with me until the very end. I can only mention that in this story is involved great deal of mystery, murder, and poker games. Surely you can not even guess what it is. I can only give you one hint for a start, and that is the dead man’s hand. Sounds familiar to you, right?

This is the well-known slang in poker where the cards you receive symbolize bad luck. How this happened and what lies behind this symbolism will be explained below in the text.

Where does this term come from?


As I promised you, now is the time for a mysterious story that dates back hundreds of years and takes place in the Wild West. As popular as this card game is today, it was a real pleasure for people to spend their time playing poker. But there is one crucial moment, a crucial event that is remembered years later, and the story continues to be told at the poker tables among the players.

In this story, our main character is Wild Bill Hickok who was a fan of this interesting game, and he spent every free moment with his company playing it. But one day his story ends tragically, just as he was playing poker. We have to mention that he was a masterful player and his friends did not adore him much because of this. Maybe that’s the answer to his murder. One day while playing cards with his company, he was shot in the middle of the game and died tragically. But what is interesting about this case are the cards he played with that night. He had five cards in his hand, two of which were 8 in spades and clubs and two aces with the same symbols, but the mystery is that after his murder it was never known what the fifth card was in his hand. There is still speculation about this story and whether there is a full house behind the third card that would be decisive at that moment and Bill would be the winner.

But we will never know the end, and such a set of cards in the poker game is always considered bad luck for the one to whom they would be dealt.


But we can not always consider this idiom bad luck. If you are not superstitious, this poker hand can bring you a lot of luck. If you have four black eights and aces, the fifth card could be the lucky one to help you win a poker tournament with friends.

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Written by Philip Goguen

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