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2021: The Best Year to Upgrade Game Console

Gaming technology is continually improving, and 2023 sees the start of some impressive upgrades to many of our favourite consoles. So, do not worry if you haven’t had time to get your hands on one of the latest arrivals because over the next few months as we head into 2023 there is, even more, to come many people are saying that this will be the best year ever to upgrade your gaming console. Our friends at Borgata online have put together a run-down of the best consoles for you to choose from so let’s take a closer look.

Xbox Series X


So, the latest incarnation of the Xbox, the Xbox series X has already hit the shelves but being so close to Christmas it has created some madness, and many people have yet to be able to get their hands on one. It is pretty much out of stock everywhere but don’t let that put you off because things will soon catch up and it will be available once more. Alongside the new Xbox, you have a controller that has been redesigned and upgraded with rounded bumpers and easy access to the triggers. They have carefully sculpted the hand grips and are determined to make sure you get the best gaming experience possible. Backwards compatibility is really important to them so you will be able to use the new controller on your older machines and don’t worry if you forget to recharge it. There is an option to use AA batteries, so you never need to be without your games.



Launched at about the same time in order to create that perfect sense of rivalry the PS5 is also pretty much unavailable in every shop at the moment. But again, have no fear PlayStation are working hard to ensure that stocks will be back in the next few weeks and you have plenty of time in 2023 to enjoy the gaming experience. Another new controller has been launched with this console, and it is called DualSense, and PlayStation claims it will revolutionise your gaming experience. It features adaptive triggers and haptic feedback technology, and you can use the controller in chat to talk to your friends in multiplayer or arrange to meet for a pizza later. Initial feedback on both of these new consoles is outstanding, and to be fair, they both really look and feel the part. When it comes to the handsets, it has to be said that the PS5 DualSense is the superior and most upgraded, but you may want to see for yourself if you get the chance to play on both consoles.

Nintendo Switch Pro


The Nintendo Switch has been around for some time now, so it is no surprise that we are hearing rumours that the company planned to release an upgraded version of their popular handset in the year 2023. While we’re not entirely confident of the official name, it has been dubbed the switch pro by the Internet in order to identify and report on any rumours that are doing the rounds. So, you haven’t missed this one as it’s not available yet and actually not confirmed, but we can say with some confidence that it is likely Switch will want to receive an upgrade in order to keep up with other consoles on the market. One rumour that seems relatively accurate is that the screen technology will be upgraded to include a mini-LED display from Innolux Corporation, which would undoubtedly enhance the playing experience.

Analogue Pocket


We are reasonably confident that some of you will already have your pre-order in for the Analogue Pocket as it was first announced right back in October 2019 and the company opened their pre-ordered book in August. They currently state that orders will be shipped during May 2023, and this is your perfect retro gaming experience using high tech hardware. What we know so far is that thanks to some innovative programming you can switch to the original display which means you will get the game along with all the bugs and quirks that you remember from the first time around. Of course, if you prefer you can stick with the modern technology and the better display. The screen is Gorilla Glass which offers an adequate level of durability and is not likely to break if you accidentally drop the console. This is certainly an exciting revelation, and the handset will be able to play Gameboy advance, Gameboy colour and Gameboy games precisely as they come. There are adapters available that will enable you to play games from other classic handhelds.


Of course, the console is not the only reason why 2023 is the perfect time for an upgrade. There are some pretty impressive games due to be released across all of the platforms, with many offering cross-platform playability and others bringing an element of legacy gaming with new features being available back on the older versions of the game. World of Assassination has Hitman 3, and there is a new Star Wars game heading to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, so there is certainly plenty to choose from whether you like shoot-em-ups, platform games, or live-action role play. Add to that the fact that there will be various sale events from the New Year’s sales to others throughout the year and it could be the perfect time to bag yourself a new gaming bargain.

Written by Philip Goguen

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