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How to Build Your First Successful Online Store

Let us assume that you have heard a lot about drop shipping and how much money those who have made it are reeling in every day. Their stories of success can be a great piece of information for everyone who would like to become financially independent.

However, having no experience means that you need to tenfold your productivity and learn along the way. And as for the steps that are absolutely necessary to make it, they are below.

A Product

It all starts with what you can offer to people. It would be pointless to read websites like Profit Industry where they discuss best eCommerce platforms among other things. Your idea should not be something saturated. The more niche your product is, the better. Look at Google Trends and find out whether there is a demand for it.

After you are sure that you can make it work, figure out where you will be getting the product from. Since this is a drop shipping business, your goal is to redirect a customer to a seller directly. You are a middle man, and you get the cut for every sale.

Researching and Preparing

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You have a product prepared, understand how much you can make from promoting it, and have a source of supply. You need to start with the business plan now.

However, before you do that, it is crucial to research the competition. Doing the same things will bring no fruit as they have been in the business far more than you. Differentiating yourself is the most important thing on the agenda here. Once you have conducted the research, move on to the business plan.

Setting Everything Up

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While it might not seem like that big of a deal from the beginner’s perspective, a domain name, which is more or less the same as your brand name, plays a big role. There might already be someone who is using a similar name. Therefore, be sure to find that out beforehand. Otherwise, you could end up dealing with copyright infringement problems.

A logo is another part of the brand. There are a lot of freelance designers who will be more than happy to create one for you. Of course, you can use some tools online and come up with something yourself, though the quality will not be up to par with what a good logo does.

Search engine optimization is also a big factor in making it. Having plenty of organic traffic is an excellent indicator of how good a website is. To get people directly from Google and other search engines, you need to optimize content and meta descriptions as well as titles. Again, if you do not have any experience, hire someone who has.

Finally, decide what platform you want. A lot of individuals go with Shopify as it is one of the easiest to use and has plenty of fantastic features.

Post Launch

After your website is up and running, you will be in the process of promoting it as much as possible. The first thing that comes to mind is social media. There are more than just Facebook and Instagram. A lot of marketers are making bank on Pinterest, so be sure to check that one out as well

As you start to make sales, be sure to read about print on demand services on website. It is a great method to cut annoying things like storage space and order fulfillment.

As you can probably guess, there is much more to drop shipping than this guide covers. The best approach to take would definitely be just starting the website and learning along the way. It would be impossible to cover every single point in a short article like this one, and everything you experience for yourself will be of great value.

Written by Henry Has

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