Weekly Kickstarter: Lynq Location Tracker

On Weekly Kickstarter series, I try to find out the most practical and useful gadget projects that are waiting for your help. Today, I found a great little device that might be your best friend when you are going out with your buddies. It has some similarities to the device which we covered last week. However, it is much smaller, simpler and does not require any phone.

Lynq is a small long-range location tracking device which does not require any additional thing to operate it and is simple to use. This gadget allows you to track your pets, friends, kids in crowds, remote areas or anywhere else. You can watch the video below for the official detail presentation.

The device was in development for 4 years. Engineers wanted that this device could be used in the harshest conditions. Thus, Lynq has military-tested durability, and it is weatherproofed as well as waterproofed. The battery lasts about 3 days on a single charge and can track up to 12 people at once. The device has completely secure and private connection so you can be sure that nobody will hijack your trip.

Set the Safe Zone for your loved ones


This little device allows you to create a safe zone up to 3 mi wide around you as well as create a meetup place. Now, you can feel peace in mind when you let your children explore the world around them. Also, one can be certain that after some time group of people will meet in the same place and nobody will get lost.

No other connection or device needed to navigate

Simple to use

The device has single button interface which is simple to handle. So, even a child will know how to use it. Check the video for the usage demo.

Scheme of the Lynq device

the Lynq is comfortable to handle, it can be clipped anywhere or fit it in any pocket due to its small size.

Perfect for everyone

Pre-order twin pack of Lynq for $174 with 41% discount here.

Written by Henry Has

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