The Influence of Social Media and Online Gambling on Your Mind

Social media is vital to helping people stay connected. Whether it’s keeping in touch with your friends or family social media can help you stay connected to your nearest and dearest. But the recent changes in trends have impacted the mental health of users.

If you take a platform like Facebook, whose users rank in the billions, you can see what kind of influence that is. Mental health violation is a serious issue to deal with in the digital world and there are various sources that cause it. Social media is one of them. But why is this the case?

The Fake News Problem

Fake news are nothing new to today’s generations of people. They’re everywhere and articles appear online and gain traction quite easily. All you need is a clickbait title and a good thumbnail and you’re hooked. This is a common occurrence in many videos on various platforms.

Twitch is one such platform. You can often see Twitch streamers enjoying all kinds of casino games and winning all sorts of prizes. Some of them engage in comparing casino bonuses and games and utilize these offers in their gameplay. When it comes to these kinds of games, it’s always good to do your own research. Enjoying them responsibly is of paramount importance.

The truth about Twitch streamers is that they have affiliate deals. When someone clicks through their portfolio they’re paid so that’s how they cover their expenses. But most people don’t know about this as they use Twitch as a platform to relax in their free time.

Besides that, we have to mention that you can simply visit the website of the prover where you can find demo games, and there is no way for viewers to notice that the streamer is actually playing for free. There are many videos on YouTube and Facebook where you can watch play while they are playing with higher bets, or aggressively buying bonuses until they win.

That can affect people into thinking that they can do the same. If you want to try the same, we suggest you to find a gambling site where you can get a good bonus upon registration. Visit to check out some of the best casino bonuses.

The Influencer Fallacy


Regardless if you’re on Instagram or Facebook you’ll see a bunch of influencers. They spread quickly and gain lots of followers. The thing about them is that they appear perfect in every photo or video they post so they must have a perfect life, right?

This can’t be further from the truth as they hire people to edit their photos and videos so they can look perfect. Such fakeness causes their followers to feel like they’re imperfect and that they need to base their life on the decisions and suggestions of the followers. This has a huge effect on their mental health whether they realize it or not.

Depression is one of the main disadvantages of being reliant on social media. So, next time you’re scrolling through Instagram profiles remember that it’s all just an illusion. The influencers are far from perfect and they’re just regular human beings with good editing skills. They’re just trying to hook you to them so they can gain another follower and some of them might not even care about your wellbeing. Naturally, there are exceptions to this and there are some great people to follow. So consider who you follow carefully.

How It Affects The Brain?


Social media represent an excellent way to communicate with people, stay in touch with the news, and find a lot of interesting content. Even if you are not following a lot of people, you will find the content of other popular profiles as well. For example, when you see all the photos in the feed on Instagram, you can continue scrolling through recommended posts. Therefore, you can have hours of entertainment in your free time.

However, the convenience where we can skip and find new posts so easily can affect the brain by releasing a small dose of dopamine every time when we see something interesting. That makes these apps so addictive. For example, you can scroll through the endless amount of Reels and TikTok videos, and it will keep you satisfied. You will lose the sense of time and become less interested in other things. This structure can be seen in online slots. Modern games provide a lot of excitement and different ways to win.

For example, besides the standard lining of symbols, there are scatters, random bonuses, jackpots, and other features that will keep the player entertained. Losing in one hand is not an issue since you can simply press the start button again. The problem is that it can easily cause lower attention and concentration, leading to hours of playing, and potential losses. It is common that people will continue playing even after winning a larger price.

Losing the sense of time and stop being focused on your balance while gambling can lead to excessive losses. Players who manage to lose the amount that they won before that will often decide to invest more in hope that the machine will start giving again. The connection between social media and online casinos is related to the ability to lock the attention and lead people into spending hours on them. Social media can cause a similar form of addiction as gambling.

In that matter, it is important to stay aware of how it can impact people. The best solution is to add some limitations. Social media can bring many advantages, but only if you use them in the right way. If you get carried away, the potential issues are serious. Some of the problems people are facing due to excessive use of social platforms are distancing from friends and family, lack of communication, procrastination, and depression. These problems are common for those with gambling problems as well, and the additional one is related to financial losses.

Final Words

Social media is a trend that exploded when it came out. It took on the world by storm and wrapped millions of people to various platforms. So, it’s only natural for people to feel the good and bad influences of social media. Mental health is important and you should take care of it. Both social media and online casinos are great way to spend your free time, but it is crucial to be aware of the dangers they could bring if you use them too much.

Written by Philip Goguen

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