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100 Remarkable Examples of HDR Photography

High-Dynamic-Range imaging (HDR in short) is a technique used in photography that allows reproducing a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is usually possible with just standard digital photography. What it means, that HDR images have a bigger amount of light levels. This is achieved by capturing several photos with different exposure levels and then combining them into one.

You need to spend a lot of time learning all the HDR processing techniques to learn how to make outstanding examples of HDR photography. Also, it makes a good amount of HDR practice to spot a good picture that has the right amount of saturation, no blown channels, good imagery and no blatant halo’s. For an untrained eye, it might look like just a nice picture. However, a trained professional will see straight away what mistakes were made while taking the picture.

Although, I do not claim to have a perfect eye for photography and especially HDR ones. But I tried to collect the best 100 looking pictures that in my opinion, are great HDR examples. I hope you will enjoy it too!

N. B. If you want to access these HDR image examples on Flickr, please press on the image itself.

Willow tree Cassiobury Park.

WinterImage by Daniel Loshak

The Hole

Image by Juan Lois

Light Building

Image by Matthias Hombauer

Orange and Green Harbor Scene

Image by Peter Allen

Shapes, Reflections and Symmetries

Image by Salvador del Saz

Red Boat – Venice

Image by MorBCN

Elefante / Elephant

Image by Omar Junior

The Eastern Shores

Image by Vedd Edd

Dranesville Tavern

Image by GHD Photography

871 @ Sattahip Naval Base (Thailand)

Image by Eric Rousset

Helix Nebula Over Paris DRI

Image by David Giral

Foggy Wood

Image by Lynchburg Virginia

Clark Quay Reflected

Image by Daniel Cheong

Dallas Cowboys Football 2010

Image by Cliff Baise

Stockholmi Kikötő – Stockholm Harbour

Image by Gábor Hernádi

Twelve Apostles 2

Image by Ryane Brook

Crystal Mosque

Image by David Cheok

Monte Berico, Vicenza

Image by Mia Battaglia

Le Mont-Saint-Michel un matin

Image by Zed The Dragon


Image by Kenny Teo

HDR Valencia

Image by Neil Richards

Fungi HDR

Image by Tom Reyns

Chi Va… Chi Viene

Image by Giuseppe Moscato

Rain on the Wing

Image by Evan Leeson


Image by Thomas Giger

Central Park – The Pond | HDR

Image by Carlos_seo

Kenyir 04

Image by David Cheok

Chendering 01

Image by David Cheok

Evening Game

Image by JoWiJo

Prairie Road Storm

Image by Pinkdream Photography

Kenyir 02

Image by David Cheok

Town Landscape

Image by Tom Gilbert

Three Grace / Liverpool

Image by Michael Legg

Little Waterfall

Image by GWDphoto

Fountains, Green and Gold (2004)

Image by Jez Blake

Porto Caorle

Image by Michele Menotti

Sgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn

Image by Darryl Hughes


Image by Chipsmitmayo

Pheonix Rising

Image by Ralph Rayner

Battersea HDR

Image by Designrabrooks

Farmhouse in Terrel County, Georgia

Image by Steve Robinson

Musée de Louvre

Image by Craig Cormack

Rynek Square

Image by Pbr42

View HDR

Image by MaryBrooke


Image by Candiedkisses

Blue Light Pier

Image by Paul G


Image by David Cheok

Maranga River

Image by David Cheok


Image by MaryBrooke


Image by MaryBrooke

SF Circeo Faro Torre Cervia Vista Mare

Image by Maurizio Bonanni

Barcelona Sunset

Image by MorBCN

Morning, Chicago Loop

Image by Doug Siefken

Basiliva del Pilar, sunset

Image by Paulo Brandao

Ribeira – Salvador / BA

Image by Omar Junior

Rua do Bom Jesus – Recife / PE

Image by Omar Junior

Ricer Leie seen from the Vieeshuisbrug

Image by Erlend Robaye

Plaça Catalunya – Barcelona

Image by MorBCN

Graslei After Sunset, Gent, Belgium

Image by Erlend Robaye

Through my Windows

Image by Masoumi


Image by u n c o m m o n

Don’t Cross

Image by Juan Lois

Portal de l’Àngel – Barcelona

Image by MorBCN

Done For The Day

Image by cc.mccormick

Ballona Wetlands Old Bridge

Image by Matt Devino


Image by n8fire

Dinner Table

Image by Maurizioleo

Old Dam

Image by @N03

Acropolis HDR

Image by Apostolos Zabakas


Image by Alex Rager


Image by Pedwalk


Image by Chuck Adams

HDR Fountain

Image by Stuart Williams

Galés de Maragogi – Catamarã

Image by Omar Junior

Fairbourne Pebbles

Image by Jon9600

Awesome Clouds over Mormon Rocks

Image by Dave Toussaint

Singapore HDR

Image by Kelvin 凱文

Old Square

Image by Rwez

Château de Versailles

Image by Carlos_Seo

Golden State Bridge

Image by vgm8383

Houses of Parliament London

Image by Joep Roosen

Red Umbrella

Image by Joep Roosen

Beam me Up!

Image by Ragstatic

Eilean Donan Castle

Image by _skynet

Seberang Takir

Image by David Cheok

HDR Marshmallows

Image by Dan Lewry


Image by Brayan Maglalang


Image by acb

Yellow Sunset + Blue Sky = Green Water

Image by sumsion

Shoal Tower at Sunset

Image by Etherflyer


Image by @N00

Around the World in 80 Days

Image by Faiz Tajuddin

Post-storm Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Image by Night Mode

EM Ford in its Final Resting Place

Image by Matthew Willcock


Image by Asmundur Porkelsson

Semi-abandoned machinery

Image by Hector A Parayuelos


Image by Aleix Sanchis

Our Honeymoon Cruise Ship

Image by Michael VanderDrift

Cold Drinks Nachos

Image by Craig Sorenson

Holy HDR

These images are copyrighted and it is not allowed to use them for any individual benefit without asking for permission.

You can submit your amazing HDR photos via our contact form! We are always waiting for new submissions!

Written by Henry Has

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