Everything You Need to Know About HDR Photo Effect

First of all, take a look at some examples, how does this HDR technique looks. You might as well get some inspiration for your future works 😉

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HDR inspiration

I found a very good quote on
"There are two basic types of HDR photos. The first are true HDR composite photos, created by taking multiple shots of a subject at different exposures and combining them. The second technique involves using Photoshop effects and adjusting the shadows, highlights, and other settings."

If you’re interested in creating real HDR images, you’ll need a better equipment than many amateur photographers have:

  • A camera capable of taking images in RAW format
  • A good quality tripod
  • Software such as Photomatix or Photoshop

Read more about the real HDR photography and tutorials for it:

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Lets move on to the “fake” HDR technique, which it’s done in Photoshop by adjusting the image shadows, highlights and playing around with filters. The outcome won’t be as professional as in real HDR photography, but your pictures would still look quite amazing. It’s important to use it in moderation and be careful with the settings, otherwise you might end up with a big fail 😉 Take a look at some very useful tutorials:

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Written by Henry Has

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