Weekly Kickstarter: HoloSuit

Have you ever seen a movie Ready Player One? If not, I recommend watching it because it is pretty good. In the movie, they show how people live double lives in the real world as well as in virtual reality. They have all kind of accessories for the VR. One of them is a virtual reality suit that covers the whole body and allows to fully immerse yourself into the virtual reality world. It seems that we are not that distant from the movie’s scenario because people started developing those suits in real life.

One of the developed suits is HoloSuit. They claim that this suit is first consumer friendly, bi-directional, full body motion controller with haptic feedback. It looks and sounds pretty cool and they have even developed a prototype. Imagine playing some kind of VR FPS game and feel everything that hits you or learning sports real-time from a comfort of a home. You can check their video presentation below.

Probably the best part of this suit that it not only aims at gamers but looks to a bigger picture. They already have created simple applications that let’s to exploit almost full potential of the suit. The suit can be used for training athletes, factory workers, applying rehabilitation and for education. They have already developed prototype platforms for every sector mentioned above.

It has two suit sensor options. One contains 26 embedded sensors and the other 36 sensors. Every suit has 6 embedded buttons in gloves and 9 haptic feedback devices which are dispersed across both arms, legs, and all then fingers. HoloSuit collects the data of the entire user’s body movement transmits it to the VR environment and then using haptic feedback to send information back to the user. This suit in the future might make people professional training much cheaper because there might be a smaller need of building life-size simulators. However, today, it is still far away from achieving such a precision.

Model of HoloSuit Jacket

Model of HoloSuit Pants

Model of HoloSuit Gloves

HoloSuit in Action

You can read more and back this amazing project here.

Written by Henry Has

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