Weekly Kickstarter: PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses

Have you ever wondered how important sleep is in our lives? These days, we tend to get an average of 6.5 hours of sleep per day. According to sleep scientist Matthew Walker, this is not enough and has a big negative impact on our cognitive abilities. Recently, I have listened to the most informative podcast episode about sleep on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast where he interviewed earlier mentioned Matthew Walker. I really liked the interview and I think you should check it.

As you already probably understood sleep quality is one of the most important things for your mental well-being. If you have a problem falling asleep or waking up, there is a new Kickstarter project which you might be interested in.

PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses II is eyewear which might improve one’s sleep quality through physical light therapy. It is the second generation of those type of sleep glasses. The first generation sold well on Amazon and helped a lot of people to improve the quality of sleep they were getting. You can check their Kickstarter video below.

These smart sleep glasses work by shining specific wavelength green light to a person’s eyes which stimulates one’s nervous system. It gives a signal to the nervous system to regulate the level of melatonin secretion (A naturally produced hormone related to sleep). This artificial regulation can improve one’s sleep. They claim that it only takes 7 days of usage to see the changes in sleep quality.

Why should you get it?

According to research, today, sleeplessness is one of the biggest problems which affects people’s quality of life. We are sleeping less than the recommended minimum of 7 hours per night, do not have a sleep routine and work way harder mentally than our grandparents. Most terrifyingly, Lack of sleep is closely related to a bigger chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, and depression.

What is more, that quality of sleep is equally important to the length of sleep. Therefore, PEGASI is a great solution to try to improve your sleep quality as well as increase your motivation and life quality.

How to Use it?

PEGASI Smart Glasses II is a really simple gadget to use. You must wear it as regular glasses, the width of the nose pads can be adjusted to your size.

After you put them on, you can turn them on in the right side. Then you need to wait for 30 minutes and they should turn off automatically after the completion light therapy course. If they do not turn off, you can do that manually pressing the same button on the right side. It is recommended to use between 7 am – 9 am in the morning.

It Does Work

According to customers who bought the first generation glasses, the smart sleep glasses work. However, keep in mind that everyone is different and there is no such solution which fits all of us.

You can go back the project or pre-order a pair of glasses with 47% discount here.

Written by Henry Has

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