3 Fantastic Modern Inventions

Humankind has always strived to look for improved ways to do things. Across history, there are countless examples of humans using their ingenuity and problem-solving to come up with solutions to some of life’s problems. One of the greatest inventions of prehistoric humans was the ability to harness fire to create other items, cook food, and keep warm in the colder months. Scientists estimate that the first controlled use of fire took place in the early stone age (over 2 million years ago). Early ancestors harnessed the power of fire, and it revolutionised their lives, paving the way for other significant discoveries and the creation of other tools. Today, the pace of invention is rapid, especially within the technology sector. This article describes three different modern inventions, and how they have helped to solve problems, provide entertainment, or improve standards of living.

The Internet


The early form of the internet was created back in the 1960s as a means for government research agencies to communicate with each other effectively. It was called ARPANET and was the first time that computers that were separated by long distances could communicate with each other. Many households started to get internet access from the early 1990s onwards, and with this connection to the world wide web came the opportunity to communicate quickly and easily with people from all over the world in self-contained chatrooms. Today, the internet is vast in size and complexity and can serve a multitude of different purposes. Many people enjoy using the internet to play competitive online video games against each other, to shop online, or to indulge in social media platforms. In the last twenty years, the range of functions and services that can be provided online is immense with entertainment, news, shopping, and socialising being common uses.

Food Thickeners


Many people are not fully aware of the significant benefits that have come from the invention of food-thickening agents, such as those produced by Simply Thick organization. For people with swallowing difficulties (known as dysphagia), this invention has dramatically improved their quality of life. Stroke victims who are recovering from the life-threatening illness often experience dysphagia, and it can make consuming food and beverages extremely difficult and potentially dangerous, due to the increased risk of choking. Food thickeners help people with dysphagia swallow beverages and pureed foods much more effectively and safely.

3D Printing


3D printers have only been in production for a short time, but they are already revolutionising a range of industries. 3D printers commonly use heated plastics and resins to create extremely accurate 3D models and prototypes that can be designed on computer-aided design software to exact dimensions. Today, they are starting to be used in the jewellery industry to design and produce highly intricate designs for bracelets, necklaces, and other jewellery, with a degree of precision that simply could not be matched by human workers. These devices are also available for home use, and the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers are already using them to test out designs and make unique products.

Written by Philip Goguen

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