Tips To Help You Keeping Your Sash Windows In Good Condition – 2023 Guide

The first wooden windows were installed more than 300 years ago. Modern designs look very stylish and perfectly complement the interior, remaining as practical as possible. But let’s not forget that they need a regular maintenance, which will preserve the charm of the historic building. At the same time, the functionality of the glass unit will not be affected. The sash windows draught proofing is also important, because it helps to improve the energy saving in the house.

Keep your windows clean all year round


In order to make a large amount of light entering into a room, you need to regularly clean the windows. To do this, it is necessary to use a special fabric made of microfiber. It effectively cleans the dirt on both sides of the glass unit. It is best to wash the windows at least once every few months. It is enough to clean the frame once a year and you should choose a warm period for doing it. The principles of window cleaning are as follows:

  • moisten the fabric with warm water (previously adding with a cleaning product or dish detergent) and wash the glass;
  • rinse off the soapy water thoroughly from the window surface;
  • avoid the detergent running to the wooden parts of the glass unit;
  • when washing the wood you should wait until it is completely dry so that no fungus will appear.

Pay attention to seals and ventilation openings, which will not be able to let the air flow passing if dirt accumulates.

Paint your timber windows regularly


To ensure the protection of windows from the weather, you should regularly paint wooden sashes. This applies to both single and double glazing sash windows. One staining in 3-4 years will be enough. If the lacquer coating becomes unsuitable, the moisture will begin to penetrate into the frame which will lead to rot, insects and other troubles. Therefore, a painting is necessary to protect the sashes and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the glass unit. It should be carried out in several layers. This will help to extend the service life of windows.

Do not forget to choose a quality paint and brushes made of synthetic fibers. The principle of dyeing is as follows:

1. Clean the wood from dirt and old paint. You can use a sandpaper for this purpose.
2. Get rid of the layer of dirt and grease to make the surface as smooth as possible.
3. Wipe the dirt and dust with a damp cloth, wait for the wood to dry.
4. Gently apply the paint, trying not to hit the glass and fixtures.

After the paint dried, it is necessary to apply a second coat, wait until the wood dries, and only then you can close the window.

Prevent the windows from sticking

Window sashes are often sticking. To make sure that the functionality of the window is not affected, it is enough to check the presence of paint on the inner part of the glass unit. If any extra pieces of paint that prevent the sashes from closing are found, you should clean them. A clerical knife will be enough. A sharp edge should be drawn on the inner part of the window sill and carefully remove the remnants of paint, which accumulate in the fixtures and the places where the frames meet. To ensure a smooth opening of the window, it is possible to remove the fixtures and soak with soapy water, and then clean the accumulated dirt.

Replace a broken sash cord


The windows may become dysfunctional due to damaged cords or loosening of the board. When a cord breaks, the sash must be taken out to replace the damaged section. If one cord breaks, the second one will soon require a replacement as well. When removing two sashes it is necessary to make sure that the weights were fixed. They may look the same, but perform different functions if the weight is different.

To replace the cord, it is necessary to remove the appropriate sash. In case of damage of the upper sash, firstly, the bottom sash must be removed, and then you can proceed to remove the upper one. On the inner side of the frame, you should remove the beads, it worth starting from the center to avoid damages on corners. Then you can knock with a chisel at the seam. When the bead reaches the middle, the rest of the bead can be freely taken out of the frame corners.

If the cords are not deformed, it is necessary to tie them with a rope near the pulley, this will ensure that the new cord will be tensioned to the planned place. Next, it is necessary to cut and remove the old cord. Remember to pull out the nails fixing the structure.

After removing and replacing old cords, it is possible to put back all parts and install the frame on the desired position, starting from the bottom.

Reduce draughts and rattles from your sash windows

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To minimize the probability of functionality decrease of sash window double glazing, just do the following:

  • eliminate drafts and the possibility of dirt accumulation;
  • reduce the noise level;
  • ensure the correct operation of sashes;
  • reduce noise during the window maintenance;
  • increase the energy efficiency of the glass unit.

The use of modern draught protection systems does not affect the appearance of the glass unit, so such methods are often used in buildings of historical value. The use of special materials allows to recreate the original appearance of the window and do not affect the design of the house facade.

The first thing to do is to protect the areas that will be repaired. For this purpose, they must be closed with special sheets that will prevent the entry of dust and other contaminants. Window fixtures and separators must be removed and then it is the turn of sashes. Next, specialists will evaluate the condition of frames and glasses and, if necessary, carry out repairs of the damaged parts of the glass unit. When all preliminary steps are completed, the specialists will install additional glazing or other elements to reduce drafts. In order to do not waste time searching for a suitable company, it is enough to contact the specialists of at the link below:

Written by Philip Goguen

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