Trends in Home Decor Making a Huge Comeback in 2023

There is never a surprise when fashions from days gone by start trending again and so it is with home décor. Sometimes it makes you wonder if interior designers suddenly get hit by the nostalgia muse. But, for some reason, it seems like when one trendy designer succumbs to a flashback, they all do simultaneously. If the general public didn’t know better, it would seem as though they had some kind of underground channel of communication but that can’t be at all!

Competition is too stiff to divulge even the slightest hint of what you have planned for the upcoming season. So, what is it? How can so many of the top designers suddenly get the urge to go retro, and how is it decided what era they ALL suddenly land on? It’s a mystery, but one which this year’s trends bear witness to once again.

1. Soft and Plush Couches and Chairs


In recent years there was a huge focus on minimalistic décor which tends to be sharp and hard – no soft corners there. However, we seem to be softening up a bit and now the furniture is getting softer by the day. You will notice that couches, for example, are upholstered in soft and cuddly sherpa, and, believe it or not, oversized bean bag chairs and pillows are trending again. Check out the styles of oversized round 5ft bean bag chairs by Fombag to see what’s in store for this year. You asked, designers listened, and there it is! We’ve all gone soft.

2. Geometric Lines of the 80s – AKA Silhouettes

Why they are called silhouettes is also a mystery. However, lamps and various items of décor have gone back to being shaped in squares, rectangles, globes, and even parallelograms. Oddly, those geometric shapes were in vogue during the same era when plush bean bags first began trending, so maybe they are meant to offset each other. Strong, bold lines with soft curves make a nice contrast it seems.

3. Wicker for Indoor Furniture


While wicker furniture never lost favor for garden furniture and solariums, it seemed to phase out of style in interior rooms. However, this year wicker furniture is trending back again, so look for it in dining rooms, especially. You may also see wicker in craft rooms and in family rooms, but it is unlikely you would see it in a living room or a game room where softer, more comfortable furniture is preferred.

If you take the time to actually look around to see what today’s interior designers are doing, you will notice that they do seem to be communicating on some inner level. It is unlikely that they are giving up hints on their collections before they are released, so it just might be that they are collecting data on what consumers are searching for, perhaps. Even so, these are, indeed, trends for 2023 so if you are ready to do a bit of updating on your décor, go bold and soft this year.

Written by Veky Poe

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