4 Reasons Why People Who Use Medical Marijuana Grow Weed Seeds

All around the globe, there have been major changes with the legalization of medical marijuana. Even countries like Thailand, which has tough laws for those caught in possession of the substance including the death penalty, have recently legalized the sale of medical marijuana. There are now 35 states throughout America that allow medical marijuana cardholders to purchase cannabis products legally.

There are many reasons why marijuana products have such a bad reputation, however, if the plant didn’t come with all its baggage, and someone was to discover it for the first time in today’s world, they would probably be handed a Nobel Prize.

The number of health benefits, both physical and mental, that marijuana users experience is incredible. Many believe that it is very sad that lots of people who need the drug don’t have access to it because of laws banning it in some areas, while others feel that it is a highly addictive gateway drug and that it should be banned worldwide.

There has been a major increase in the number of those who use marijuana for health benefits, growing their cannabis from home, and here are a few of the reasons why. You can find the necessary equipment here.

1. It’s Affordable


Some people who use marijuana for medical purposes need to ingest a lot of cannabis to feel the effect. Those who are in terrible pain will have to smoke, vape, or eat plenty of marijuana just to feel “normal”. Often those who are suffering in pain don’t get stoned when they use the substance, it just helps with pain relief so they can live a normal life. Purchasing marijuana can prove to be very expensive, so many people have decided to learn how to grow their own.

Although the initial costs can cost a lot of money, you can use the same equipment for your next grow. Things like tents, lights, buckets, spare nutrients, and clones can all be used over and over. It will take time to see the financial benefits of growing your own marijuana, but in the long run, it is worth it.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that the climate is okay to grow cannabis outdoors, all you really need is the right nutrients, high-quality seeds, and property to grow the plant. If you are looking for a deal on decent seeds, check out

2. You won’t have to worry about running out of Cannabis


For those who use marijuana, particularly those who need it for medical reasons, there is nothing worse than running out of weed. Many people who use cannabis for medical purposes can’t go about their daily activities without using it. Not everyone has a dispensary close by, so running out of cannabis is not an option.

Those who grow their own marijuana at home won’t have to rely on dispensaries or their order that they placed online arriving. If the grow goes to plan, they will have a large amount of cannabis available to them. A marijuana grow normally takes around 10 weeks, so the chances of running out in just over 2 months is highly unlikely.

If you need a lot of marijuana to help with your condition, consider planting new plants immediately after each grow is complete.

3. Stress Relief

Many people use marijuana for stress relief, however, tending to your cannabis plants daily is also another way that can help lower stress levels.

Growing marijuana, especially for the first time, can be very challenging. After time, many people who grow the plant feel that they start to grow a relationship with them. If you have a stressful job or family that relies on you, tending to your plants, even just for an hour a day can give you a much-needed break from the world. You’ll need to focus on your plants and possibly do some more research during the process, which can help you clear your mind from other problems you face in your life.

Seeing your marijuana plant gradually grow each day is a very exciting and rewarding experience.

4. You are in Control


One of the best things that people find about growing their own cannabis is that they are in complete control. When you purchase cannabis from your local dispensary or online store, you can never be 100% sure what else the substance might contain.

Many growers like to use heavy pesticides to help control pests. Others like to spray their plants with a myriad of other chemicals. You are never really sure what type of fertilizers were used on the plant either. In fact, most of the employees at the dispensary or the online stores are not really sure what was used either.

However, growing your own marijuana is the only way you can be 100% sure of what you are getting. You will be able to decide what types of nutrients and fertilizer you use, which will help improve the quality of each plant.

Drying and curing is a critical part of the growing process to make sure your bud is ready for use. By growing your own weed, you will be able to take on this task yourself and make sure your marijuana is of the best possible quality.


The stigma that has surrounded cannabis and CBD products still exist, however, due to a serious amount of research in recent history, the benefits of using the substance are known all around the globe. People who suffer from many illnesses including arthritis, chronic pain, cancer, depression, etc. often use marijuana to help them get through life.

Nowadays, due to the amount of technology available, growing marijuana is a lot easier. There is lots of content online nowadays educating people on how to grow cannabis plants from home. For example website Premium Cultivars is offering some great insight and some great seed available.

With cannabis laws changing rapidly, many grow shops both online and physical stores seem to be popping up all over. There are now plenty of choices when it comes to marijuana products. There are plenty of cannabis growing starter kits available, that includes almost everything that you need to get the process started.

Written by Philip Goguen

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