Tips on How to Create the Perfect Gaming Setup – 2023 Guide

You have made the plunge and decided to take online gaming seriously, but hours of gameplay are beginning to take their toll on your body and mind.

Your fingers ache, your eyes are strained and your back has started to creak like a door hinge in need of lubricant.

Well, fear not, we have some top tips on how to turn your current gaming dungeon into a blissful oasis, providing you with all the comfort and support you need to keep playing well into the night without so much as a twinge of pain or discomfort.

Get the Right Chair


Hours spent in the wrong sitting position can really wear down your body, so it is well worth investing in a proper gaming chair.

Some of the best include those made by Secretlab and NZXT. You may balk at the price, but trust us, whether you hunt for bonuses before hitting online casinos, indulge in endless battle royales, or roam vast virtual worlds, chairs like these will prevent you from developing an unwanted hunchback in the process.

Quality Keyboard and Mouse are Key to Keeping Your Fingers Nimble


More and more famous pro-gamers are quitting the world of eSports because of a static lifestyle and repetitive strain injuries.

The latter issue can be diminished by players investing in the most ergonomic mouse and keyboard set available.

When it comes to the keyboard, you cannot go far wrong with those made by Corsair and if you need a mouse, the high-end models constructed by Logitech are excellent.

Adjustments and Lighting

You can have the most expensive gear available, but if you fail to set it all up correctly then your spending spree will have been in vain.

There’s a multitude of online tutorials that will show gamers how to do this properly and they’re worth every second of your time.

Also, ensure that your gaming station is lit correctly so that you do not have to squint to see your screen or create unwanted glare.

The key to getting this right is to also buy the correct monitors, such as those that do not warp or distort your onscreen graphics.

If you follow the tips from this article, you’re on your way to creating a fantastic gaming station.

Get Good Headphones


A tip like this deserves a bit more explanation. Noise is usually the reason number one why we can’t focus fully on the games. When your concentration is at a low level, there is a big chance you will start losing. Because of that, it would be good to purchase headphones and protect yourself from any distractions. You can’t simply tell your beloved ones to be quiet because you are playing games.

Still, there is one thing that we need to highlight here. Turning on the background music is not the solution to your problems. Replacing one type of noise with the other one doesn’t have any sense. Instead, the only thing you should hear is the sound of the games you are playing. That will make a better gaming atmosphere that will inspire you to show better results.

Get a Good Microphone


We will continue in the same manner because most headphones come with a built-in microphone. Despite that, most devices that we use have them as well. However, it might happen that they are not good enough.

Good headphones and a microphone are important for communication with other players. That especially counts when we talk about beginners that are trying to learn new tricks and strategies. They must hear every single piece of advice from senior gamers. In that way, they will improve their skills promptly and ensure not to make mistakes that can cost the entire team.

Cable Management

We already highlighted how important the mouse and keyboard are. However, the more important thing is to manage all the cables in the right way. Rat’s nest of cables in the room will reduce the level of the gaming atmosphere. Besides, is there a person on this planet that can enjoy the mess? Because of that, we recommend you work on cable management before even starting to play. You can solve the problem like that by purchasing a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. These two items can solve your problem without any additional effort.

Get a Projector or TV


There is a good reason why some players are better than others. The most professional ones know how to keep an eye on every single detail of the game. However, doing that on a small screen can be a bit complex. Because of that, it is a much better choice to purchase a projector or a LED TV. The projector will allow you to change the projection size and distance as well. Unfortunately, using TV means that you are stuck with the same display size. Because of that, you should determine in advance which size of the screen meets your requirements and expectations.

Final Thought

As you see, we haven’t talked about decorations here a lot. The reason why we skipped that subject is simple – we all have different tastes. How you will decorate your gaming room depends only on you. Our recommendation is to make it matchable with your style. Make the atmosphere that will motivate you to play better and work hard on personal improvement. That is the most precise definition that we can tell you.

Written by Philip Goguen

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