10 Cable Management and Concealment Tips for Beginners – 2023 Guide

Electronic devices make life much easier and yes, we need them almost like breathing, but of course, cables are making problems all the time. The television, the electrical appliances, the routers, the chargers of the mobiles, those of the tablets, the lamps … They surround us everywhere, they get tangled, they make the space ugly and they bother you a lot when you see them. Plus, they attract dust and lint like nothing else.

But hey, that is if you keep letting them roam freely because the truth is that there are many alternatives to hide or disguise them, beyond the common gutter, and on top of which they are beautifully integrated into space. How? Where? You may be wondering. Well, it is enough to visit the most common sources of inspiration on the net, Instagram and Pinterest, to realize that there are solutions for absolutely everything. Thousands of creative and ingenious people that are keen to provide you with ideas that help you improve any corner or space in your home.

But if you are too lazy to search on your own, we did it for you. We will present your management and concealment tips today.

1. A gutter

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There are many people who think that a gutter is even worse than seeing the cables in sight. Well, if you are one of them, don’t use this simple, cheap and effective trick to hide them. In addition, today, there are more aesthetic gutters, which provide at least a small stylized touch. You can also resort to the usual trick, which is to paint the gutter the same color as the television wall and camouflage it.

2. Boxes

You can buy or make some nice and decorative boxes, and then put them on top of the TV cabinet, and put all of it in them. Through a hole in the back, the different ones go to their destination.

3. A curtain rod

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If you are one of those who do not like gutters to hide cables, you can youse curtain rod. You can buy a curtain rod, or you can make it yourself. If you buy, you will have to redo it a bit, most likely.
You need a plastic curtain rod, to cut for the entire length, and then tuck the wires in. The plastic, which has already taken a circular shape, closes again, hiding them and voila. You get the job done.

4. With white cloth

To hide them, they were wound up and fastened with cable ties, to create a single cable, which was then wrapped in white cloth, concealing, or at least camouflaging the wall. Very simple and effective, don’t you think?

5. With decorative elements

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The best option are books that cover and hide them, but it can be any other element. If you have a TV cabinet in which you have several objects, you can try to arrange them in such a way that they cover the cables. The possibilities are endless.

6. With a panel or board

This idea or trick to hide is somewhat more elaborate. It is about creating or buying a panel, in which the cables are hidden behind, and the television is held in front. The panel is not just decorative, as it has function besides decorating, but to hide cables.

The good thing about this idea is that, in addition to being simple, we can create a panel that best suits our style, and create a nice place. Since it is a DIY project, we can make great use of grommets, which are a perfect fit for this job. For more information check this.

7. With decorative moldings

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Nowadays, there are extruded polystyrene moldings, which perfectly imitate the classic plaster moldings, but they weigh much less and are easier to install, they are only attached with special glue.

Well, as you can imagine, using cork, you can create a channel on the back of the molding to partially empty it, and then insert the cables and hide them. Although you can also find these moldings with the hole already made. Despite being made of polystyrene, these moldings admit plastic paint perfectly, so they can also be painted in any color we want.

8. With cloth

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This idea to hide is the same as that of the panel or board, but with fabric. Something easier to do, and perhaps also decorative. We can use a nice tapestry, or a handkerchief or any other textile that we buy specifically for the task.

9. With vinyl

Well, properly speaking, this idea is not about hiding, but camouflaging it, since if we buy a branch-shaped vinyl, among many other models, we can make the cables go through it, hiding it, making as if they were part of the vinyl.

10. The definitive solution

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All these ideas that we have seen are half solutions, if you are looking for something definitive, you will have to break the wall. It sounds serious, but on a weekend it is done.

If you have the walls of plasterboard like many of the American houses, and inside hollow, with which two holes are made, one where the television goes and the other from where the cables come out, it is enough. Then the cables are passed through the holes since the wall is hollow and that is it, they are inside the wall.

But if your walls do not allow this, the only solution is to dig. It is nothing serious, it is about making a hole, a channel for the entire route that the cables have to cross, put them inside in a flexible cable tube, and cover it again with plaster and with the tube inside, leaving the ends of the cables long enough to be able to plug the appliances into the power supply. Then the wall would have to be painted, but it is the most effective and definitive solution since it would last a lifetime.


The simplest solution is simply to omit it. Or at least avoid them as much as we can. Many entertainment devices are outdated. A satellite receiver, DVD player, stereo system and many more can be omitted without having to forego film and music enjoyment. Modern smartphones can now even be charged wirelessly. And most devices can be connected to each other via Bluetooth. So the only one needed are the power supply.

Written by iv Vronski

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