Orgasm Is Effective In Preventing COVID-19

Sex gives all of us great pleasure-this is an undoubted fact! But can you comprehend the fact that there are many health-related benefits associated with sexual activities? You must have heard about various mental or physical benefits associated with sexual activities, but do you know the effect of orgasm, resulting from sexual intercourse, on our immunity?

This blog will help you understand what the benefits of orgasm on our immunity are & why this topic becomes crucial during times of ongoing pandemics. So, let’s start with the discussion without losing track.

While someone gets involved in sexual intercourse, their body releases orgasm. Women are more fortunate than men in this regard since women are blessed with the capability of multiple orgasms. Now, in order to understand what sort of benefit orgasm provides to our immune system, you will have to understand the nature of chemical reactions that get triggered while someone is having or about to have an orgasm.

When you do sex, you actually do excessive exercise. Sexual activities make the muscles stronger and boost metabolism. Moreover, people who do sex on regular basis are found to be happier. Such people rarely develop negative mental states, such as anger, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, guilt, etc.

Independent Escorts of Oklute India have observed and confirmed the above-mentioned observations. So, to sum up, sex gives you physical as well as mental benefits. This will ensure that each organ of your body will function properly. The brain will react to external variables exactly the same way it is supposed to behave.

You must be wondering how all this information has anything to do with the prevention against COVID-19. Well, I am going to come to the point, but let’s first summarize the fact that we have till here. “Sexual actions will ensure the internal & external bodily organs are fit & functioning properly.”

Let’s move further!


Now consider the case of sexual activities. Whether you are doing oral sex or penetration, there always remains a high chance of bacterial transmission. For instance, genital parts, mouth, nose, etc. are a source of bacteria. During sexual interaction, people come closer to each other & might exchange the infection.

Subconsciously, our brain knows about these activities. So, as soon as a person gets involved in sexual activity, the brain triggers requisite chemical reactions that boost our immune system.
You will have to understand the fact that there are hormones that get released during orgasm.

These orgasms, though give an immense amount of pleasure, can carry harmful activity as they flow out of genital areas. Thus, it becomes necessary for the brain to be prepared in advance. To be prepared, the brain triggers the release of such hormones that boost the internal immune system and fight the bacteria.

If you are wondering how this is even possible, then let me help you understand this process. You might get surprised to know that the hormonal activities of the brain are limited to our immune system but impact other bodily functions, as well. There are various types of antibodies that prevent or fights against bacteria & viruses. The significant ones include immunoglobulin A (IgA), (present in humans, especially in sensitive areas of the body that have direct contact with the outside world), the hormone in mucous membranes, saliva (present in the mouth & nose), hormones in the gastrointestinal tract & the genitals, and main entrance of pathogens & infections.

Our brain regulates the secretion and release of other hormones, as well. You must be aware of the fact that human emotions are also controlled by hormones. Whenever someone experiences happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, or any other sort of emotion for that matter, it all gets induced by the hormone released by the brain based on its calculation about the scenario.

In fact, anti-depressant pills & other medications actually target these hormones to cure depression among patients. All I am trying to explain here is that the brain is responsible for the release of hormones. So, during orgasm, our brain recognizes the kind of activities happening within our body and immediately releases immunoglobulin A for boosting the immune system.

How does orgasm helps you fight against COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a viral disease whose comprehensive treatment is still absent. Patients suffering from this disease are given alternative or indirect treatment. It is worth observing here that the treatment of COVID-19 depends heavily on the patient’s immune system. It is the patient’s immune system that has to fight against COVID-19 and defeat it.

Since the upsurge of COVID-19 cases, pharmaceutical shops are promoting the use of immunity boosters. High immunity not only fights the COVID-19 virus efficiently but also minimizes the symptoms, such as respiratory ailments, loss of smell, loss of taste, fatigue, weakness, etc. I am quite sure that now can co-relate COVID-19 & orgasm just the way I was expecting you to.

Prevention is indeed the best cure against this viral disease for now, and it is all about immunity then why not let our orgasm play its due role. Orgasm will ensure that your body is charged with high immunity, and fight efficiently against this disease. You don’t have to invest anything, just give yourself pleasure and the body will take care of itself.

But, be cautious!

I believe we have come to an understanding that orgasm will boost your immunity, which in turn, will help your body fight against COVID-19 effectively. But this should not mean that you go out there flaunting the social distancing norms looking for someone to have sex with. You must maintain social distancing & avoid physical contact with anyone as much as possible.

In order to get hormones released & an immunity booster, you don’t need anyone else. It would be great if you have a partner with whom live all the time. Although, if that’ not the case, then you can simply do online sex or use toys to get orgasm. You can boost your family just by staying inside your home’s walls. Whatever you do, just make sure that you are healthy & safe. A beautiful day free from all this mess is coming soon!

Written by Philip Goguen

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