A Beginner’s 2023 Guide To Casino Etiquette: What Not To Do At The Tables

A casino is a terrific place to relax and make money. Yet, we must all contribute to making the event as enjoyable and cozy as possible. But to do this, the appropriate course of action is to adhere to the laws, particularly the unsaid ones. Casinos, in general, offline or online, have a set of guidelines, manners, and societal norms; playing it safe is a better option than being sorry.

Several unstated social norms and etiquette apply when playing Online Table Games in a casino, just like in everyday life. There are specific guidelines for conduct in both live and online casinos. It would be best if you abide by the inherent casino etiquette. The primary casino etiquette guidelines center on treating other guests and casino workers with respect, while others allow you to participate in many games without obstructing other gamers or making terrible gambling decisions.

Guidelines For What Not To Do At The Casino Table


1. Do Not Play Without Knowing The Rules

You must be completely aware of the rules and techniques to play video poker and table games. You must also understand verbal and hand signs to communicate with the dealers.

Understanding the game makes it more enjoyable, and everyone experiences genuine fun. It also reflects that you are not betting on choices that are not wise from a strategic standpoint. Knowing the regulations of games, including poker or baccarat, will help you place bets with a higher likelihood of success.

2. Avoid Using Mobile Phone

Ensure that your phone is in your pocket or purse. Fellow players and dealers consider it disrespectful when someone uses their phone for texting or making calls. You can excuse yourself between rounds or hands to make or attend a call in an urgent situation. It is crucial to refrain from using cell phones when participating in a casino game since casinos are continuously monitoring for probable scammers.

There are numerous instances in which individuals have cheated at casinos using their phones. It is appropriate in casinos to hide your smartphone, even if you use it for honest activities. This guideline only applies to live casinos, while in the case of online casinos, you might as well be playing it on your smartphone.

3. Refrain From Getting Carried Away


Do not indulge yourself in excessive drinking during gambling. A few sips of your favorite cocktail are delicate, but overconsumption may lead you into trouble. Ignoring common sense and basic decency is quite natural when much cash is at stake.

However, you are in more danger when a casino serves complimentary beverages.

To prevent patrons from indulging in fistfights, becoming enraged with dealers, or somehow causing themselves and others harm, casinos may refuse service to those who are visibly intoxicated. If the casino is your usual hangout place, another reason to limit your consumption of alcohol is to keep the ambiance enjoyable for other gamers.

Act politely and rationally to increase your chance of playing against your usual fellow players next time. Avoid excessive drinking even in an online casino since you must maintain focus, especially if you play several games simultaneously.

4. Do Not Lend Money To Other Gamblers

Casinos disapprove of guests taking monetary help from other gamers. The casino wants to avoid disputes over cash because it would not be in their best interests. Nonetheless, it is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to assist another person with money. However, they may ask you to leave if they find out about it.

Contrarily, avoid approaching other gamers and asking for cash unless you’re playing for real money. Also, the casino might order you to depart if they feel it is disrespectful or unpleasant for other players. Follow proper guidelines to enjoy a fun-filled and exciting evening with other players.

5. Do Not Seek Or Give Suggestions To Other Players


Since it is not a team game, you cannot anticipate getting advice from the dealer or another fellow player on your next moves. Furthermore, do not offer unwanted suggestions to anyone while the game is on, as it is against game etiquette.

Hold off on discussing tactics until the round finishes, and you leave the table. Also, only give guidance if they request it, and avoid getting upset when the other player chooses not to divulge their strategies.

6. Do Not Fidget With Your Chips While The Game Is On

You cannot move your chips once you have placed a wager and the game is still on. In the past, dishonest players indulged in cheating by withdrawing their hands when they were about to lose. In such a situation, the house will always be on the right because there are cameras throughout the casino.

7. Do Not Leave Without Tipping The Staff

Customer service experts include dealers, servers, and attendants. Like servers and bartenders in restaurants, staffers at casinos primarily depend on tips to support themselves. They also merit gratuity. Therefore be sure to give them a generous monetary reward in appreciation for their work and effort.

Generally, you must give your dealer $5 for each hour you play with them. You may offer a fixed rate of 15% to 25% for valets and servers or even more if you feel incredibly kind or hit the jackpot.


While you gamble, most gaming etiquette guidelines include common sense and politeness. Every game is specific to playing, winning, and the amount at stake and chances of winning. The purpose of understanding the regulations is to enable you to take advantage of the fun casino gambling offers.

You will feel more at ease while playing if you know the laws, which will make you aware of your position. With time, you can develop a successful approach due to your expertise in the game. Enjoy yourself while playing table games at your favorite casino, but remember not to annoy other gamers or casino employees. It will make your experience more enjoyable.

Written by Veky Poe

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