Small Bedroom Space Problems and How to Solve Them

A small bedroom may appear cosy and warm, but it also presents a few problems. The lack of space limits your storage, so you end up having most of your things on your nightstand, bed, or dresser. The clutter it causes makes your bedroom feel even smaller as you are surrounded by so many things. This defeats the primary purpose of a bedroom, which is to keep you relaxed and comfortable. Bedroom furniture like the bed is bulky and eats up a lot of floor space. When other items are exposed instead of hidden in storage space, it creates a mess that can affect your mood.

For many, the solution is to discover ideas from that saves space, is a perfect fit to a bedroom no matter what size, and adds beauty to the bedroom.

Here are more ideas to create a cosy and comfy small bedroom.

Re-examine what you need inside your bedroom

We have all done this before. We fill up our bedrooms with just about any personal item we feel should be inside our private space. The problem here is that most of these items belong somewhere else, and take up whatever space you have left for what should be in there. Look at the furniture you have inside your room and think about whether they are necessary. Stick to the basics if you can.

Create more storage spaces


Your bedroom is small, and you have a lot of stuff in it, which is why it looks cramped. What a small bedroom needs is more storage, which is where your resourcefulness and creativity comes in. Study whatever space you have that you can use for storing your bedroom essentials. The space under your bed, your bedroom wall, the bedroom door, etc., are all potential storage spaces. For your seasonal clothes, store them neatly underneath your bed. Make use of baskets kept strategically under your dresser, for instance, for other essentials you want to keep inside your bedroom.
You may even set them on shelves installed on your bedroom wall. Floating shelves on your bedroom wall are perfect for holding items you like to see. You can also install a small cabinet behind the door to hold other items and keep them in place. The back of your bedroom door works just as well to store items you want to be hidden from plain view. This could be your hamper for your dirty clothes or to hang your robe, yoga mat, etc. Make use of hooks for hanging, and keep your floor space free to move around. You can also make good use of a headboard that offers storage space for books and magazines that you like to have within easy reach when you are relaxing inside your bedroom.

Change your colour scheme

When you have a small space, your best bet to make it look wider is a neutral colour scheme. Bold shades can make the room look smaller. Pastels and light colours are relaxing, and the area appears more expansive than it is. You can incorporate your favourite brighter colours with pillows, throws, or artwork. The nice thing about neutrals is that they easily blend with other colours, so a few decorative touches in your bedroom will fit in well.

Use mirrors for the illusion of space


Mirrors are known to make small spaces appear bigger and wider. You can hang several smaller mirrors or a single large-scale one on the wall. Wherever you decide to put them, mirrors create that illusion of space, making your bedroom look airier and more spacious. Invest in suitable bedroom lighting, which also makes a difference in creating space.

Utilize a cork board for your jewellery

Women will always have various accessories to match their outfits. A corkboard can keep those necklaces and other pieces of jewellery from getting all tangled up. To make your corkboard look prettier, you can keep it a nice frame and hang it on the wall.

Get your closet organized


One of the main reasons we seem to always run out of space is that we often neglect to organize our closets and drawers. This is typical when you are in a rush each day to get to work or have activities planned out for the day. You rummage through your clothes and pull out whatever you want to wear, leaving your other clothing items in disarray. When you keep on doing this, you end up with your things messed up, stuffed in corners, and disorganised. Slowly but surely, everything builds up, and you run out of space to store what you need to inside your closet.

Keeping things organized is a habit that you should develop. Set a schedule to go through everything you have in your closet. Set aside items that you have not used in a while, or those that are seasonal. You can vacuum-pack these clothes and keep them neatly in place until they are ready for use. See what you can give away too. Make it a habit to refold your clothes each month. Store your smaller items in drawers so you know where to look for them right away. If you can, add dividers to closet drawers to keep things in order. You will find that after organizing, you have extra space you never thought you had.

Suitcases are decorative, practical, and ideal for storage

If you happen to own a few vintage suitcases, they work beautifully as a bedside table, stacked one on top of the other. They add style to your bedroom and can also store many of your bedroom essentials, such as blankets and towels.

Maintain neatness

An untidy room is uncomfortable. It also looks crowded, which is why you should always keep your room neat. Ensure that your essentials are in their assigned storage, and avoid adding items to your bedside table. Ensure that your floor is clear of piles of clothes and other things that do not belong there. You need that space to breathe more comfortably and set the mood for relaxing.
Do not get frustrated with the size of your bedroom. Big or small, it is how you fix it that counts. If everything is in order and the room is neat, it lends the perfect atmosphere to rest from the outside world. 

Written by Philip Goguen

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