5 Ways Meditation and Mindfulness Can Benefit Your Health

Meditation and mindfulness goes hand in hand. Both of them are related to being aware of your body and mind in order to facilitate better physical and mental wellness. Every individual is living a stressful life which can be helped with mindful thinking and looking inwards. Meditation is a practice you can engage in anywhere.

It tackles stress and uneasy feelings. Even if you do it for a few minutes, you will be able to cope with the daily stressors better than anticipated. You do not require any extra equipment and it is very inexpensive because all you need is a comfortable place to sit.

Your overall health is dependent on your mindset and how well you respond to external stimuli. Your responses to the environment can be strengthened with mindfulness. In this article, we will explore the many ways in which your health can improve if you engage in regular meditation.

1. Can Improve Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression


Mental illnesses can affect your physical health too. It is important to engage in healthy coping strategies for the same. Anxiety and depression present symptoms that need to be dealt with the help of medication and also therapy. Practicing mindfulness can be a helpful approach for the same.

Anxiety is a condition which impacts an individual’s responses in a social situation. It impacts the confidence of a person and makes them impaired to interact with others. Depression is a mental illness which also has adverse physical effects. It is important for an individual to think about the ways in which they can handle the situation which is triggering a negative reaction.

Practicing mindfulness will make a person more aware of their situation and give them a positive outlook on life. Significant improvement in depressive condition when meditation is combined with some level of aerobic exercise. Including physical and mental activities together allows a person to be aware of their body from one moment to another.

It works to worry an individual about what will happen in the next moment as they are more focused on working towards a set goal. If a person does not suffer from a mental illness, mindfulness can still help in dealing with daily stresses of life.

There is positive stress and negative stress that a person deals with everyday. Usually the negative stress hampers the when being of an individual and impacts their daily function. The situation can be improved with meditation as they will remain calm while dealing with day to day issues that cause negative stress.

2. Lowers the Risk of Heart Problems

There are many hard problems that can be mitigated with the use of transcendental medication. There are different types of meditation that people engage in but the practice time depends on person to person. Some people do it twice a week while others prefer to do 20 or 30 minute sessions everyday.

The basic concept remains the same across all types where a person has decided with their eyes closed and focused on certain things which are not related to their problems. There has been scientific research by the American Heart Association that discovered that along with diet and exercise meditation can help with heart ailments.

It significantly lowers the risk of sustaining a stroke or a heart attack when combined with healthy behaviors like eating balanced meals and exercising. If you want to get started, get some relaxing supplies at spiritual stores in Westchester NY with SynchronicityNY.

3. Reduces the Feeling of Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is a condition that many people suffer with and medications can only limitedly control. Practicing mindfulness every day can reduce an individual’s response to chronic pain. If the chronic pain is resultant from a long term disease or even depression meditation can alleviate the symptoms significantly.

The response to chronic neck pain was assessed by a study which showed improvement after regular exercise and meditation. It is important to consider that a level of physical activity is also included in the study but the combination of exercise and meditation works well to improve the quality of life of a patient by minimizing chronic pain. Another related benefit was the ability to cope with potential discomfort.

4. Boosts Immunity

The body has an immune system which directly helps in combating potential diseases. Moderate exercise is important along with mindful meditation as it can defend the bodies response to common cold and flu. There has been medical research which suggests that people who go under mindfulness training experience fewer episodes of common cold and flu.

In case these participants were reported to have fever or any minor health issues, the situation improved more quickly as compared to other patients. The symptoms they experienced were less severe than normal people who were not practicing meditation or exercise. The participants who practiced mindful meditation saw up to a 50 percent decrease in their symptoms and did not miss their work.

5. Improved Sleep


A healthy sleep cycle is a great way to boost overall health and keep the body restored to face a new day. It is important to catch up on sleep so that the exhaustion can be dealt with in a healthy manner. Many times the mind is occupied with stressful situations of daily life which interrupt the need to rest.

On a more serious note, a situation like insomnia is difficult to treat if it gets out of line. There is a study which focused on people who meditated and how their sleep was positively impacted due to it. They experienced less overall depression and fatigue along with a lower chance of insomnia.

The Takeaway

Meditating regularly increases the overall relaxation of the mind as well as the body to make them ready for everyday challenges. It has numerous benefits for the health of an individual which range beyond the physiological effects. People who meditate have a better sleep cycle and less chances of being susceptible to negative effects of mental

Written by Philip Goguen

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