How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Plan‌ ‌and‌ ‌Structure‌ ‌an‌ ‌Essay‌ ‌- 2023 Guide

Planning an essay is good for your writing effort and for the reader. The same applies to acing the structure, calling for more attention to these two crucial aspects of essay writing. Planning makes your writing easier and faster. The essay will also be pleasant to read because the ideas and chapters are well organized.

According to, It is normal to rush into the search for quality content immediately when the essay is issued. However, excellent content is easily diluted by poor planning and the wrong structure for your paper. In fact, the first consideration is the structure of a paper even before your supervisor can read through your content.

Why pay attention to the structure of your essay?


Look at the structure as the frame of your paper. If the frame is wrong, everything else you add on to the essay will be erroneous. Structure also includes the details that go into each section of your paper. For instance, there are expectations on what a reader or your supervisor should find on the cover page, introduction, body, references, and conclusion of your paper. In case you have appendices to include, there is a recommended structure. When the structure is right, reading will be seamless because errors do not distract the reader. Further, attention will be on your discussion instead of the organization of your content.

What is the value of planning when writing an essay?

Planning involves allocating time for your writing activities. It also involves identifying your main ideas for discussion in a paper and identifying where they will go once you begin writing your paper. Planning gives you an idea of what it will take to complete your essay. As a result, you can gather materials and dedicate sufficient time to the writing activity. It results into a simple and rewarding writing experience.

The quality of your paper will also benefit from your planning. The ideas discussed will be logical because they are not arising sporadically. Planning helps you to deliver captivating content because you had time to research and gather quality reference materials.

If these are the benefits of planning and adapting the right structure for your essay, how can you complete the exercise with ease? Here are excellent planning and structure tips for your essay.

  • It Is In The Instructions


The structure of your paper and all the planning needed are contained in the instructions issued by your tutor or supervisor. Supervisors and departments issues instructions to guide all academic work submitted to the department. These instructions will guide you on the best structure to follow.

For instance, you will be asked to use Chicago, MLA, or APA format, among others. Each of these formatting styles precludes a specific structure. Once you have mastered the requirements of each formatting style, you will have aced the paper.

  • Your Title Also Helps In Structuring

The structure of an essay is also determined by the title. Some titles are outright about the structure to be followed while others cause you to automatically follow a particular structure. For instance, a title that requires you to compare and contrast will result in a paper with two parts. One part will capture the similarities while the other highlights the differences. Readers expect the approach to be guided by the title. Failure to adhere to these indirect directions will result in confusion and a lower quality paper.

  • Develop An Outline


An outline is a planning tool that will also help you to ace the structure. An outline provides a skeleton for your essay. It indicates the ideas that appear at the introduction, in the body, and at conclusion. It helps you to achieve logical flow in your essay, making it interesting to read.

The outline also helps you to avoid repetition or missing some points. You can plan your ideas from the beginning with a clear view of every point and subtopic you will discuss in the paper. In case a point appears weak, it can be dismissed or merged with another to raise the quality of your paper.

  • Use Samples And Examples

Instructions to stick to a particular structure are usually descriptive. You are told of where to place citations and the details to include on the cover page, for example. However, the wordy description may make it difficult to understand these instructions. What if you had some to demonstrate these instructions? This is what samples and examples do. They show you how to execute instructions, and most importantly, what is expected at the end of your writing process.

Supervisors and departments provide the most credible samples and examples because they have a responsibility to guide your academic life. The library is also a source of reliable samples and examples. Writing services online also deliver customized essay examples and samples to help in your writing process. It saves time because you will not be stranded wondering what to do with your research paper or the instructions issued.

  • Get Help From Professional Writers


Completing an essay and following all the instructions can be a tough call for students. In some cases, you have other interests competing for your attention like assignments and personal projects. Hire a professional assistant to write your essay. Choose an experienced person who can adhere to instructions provided about the structure. You get a high quality paper without a lot of hustle.
Planning your essay and maintaining the required structure will raise the quality of your work. Samples and examples make it easier to master the structure. Consider hiring a professional writer to work on your paper while you handle other more pressing responsibilities.

Written by Philip Goguen

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