How to Autonomously Resolve Your Customer Service Issues

When you start your business and a job you look toward a payout. To receive income, you need to have a product/service and you need a relationship with your customers.

To be successful at what you do you have to be on top of your market, you need a product/service that has a use and you have to build a relationship with your customers. The first two are very important factors but the latter one shouldn’t be forgotten. The case is that many businesses, until lately, didn’t invest a lot in customer services. They either didn’t see it fir or they thought they don’t need it. Thanks to that you will probably live to see a decline in your sales and a downpour of customers, most likely the old and faithful ones.

In order not to allow this to yourself you need to have some sort of customer service that will be there for you. Multimillion companies have these things and until several years ago it was all in the hands of employees. Employees were the ones who had a position in the company as customer services representatives. This is a huge operation and it needs a huge amount of manpower to answer everyone’s questions and to deal with a lot of customer problems.

But, what if we told you that the customer service operations can be cheaper, easier to oversee and a lot more effective than a room full of operators answering calls all day. We are thinking about AI as customer service and an example of that is Replicant AI.

Every organization and business can be impacted by any sort of natural disaster or any other natural or unnatural occurrence which can hinder its operations unavailable. In those cases, you will have a large influx of requests from customers asking for a helping hand in the problem solving they are occurring. Now if you have a business that has limited human resources, infrastructure and network loads that are unprecedented and restrictions on travel and working from offices then your services will suffer and you will not be available to deliver adequate answers and solutions to the problem at hand.


What irritates your customers additionally is the fact that due to these problems, or maybe some other you have, are long waiting times on hold or email queries that are going too long before being responded to. This will create dissatisfaction and a lot of unhappy customers that you can’t afford to lose. Now what most businesses and companies do to fight this increases their services forces to respond to demand. Although this is the easiest solution it is not as efficient. You have bigger costs, educations, preparations, and all of that can and will lead to your lower operational efficiency.

The solution is to find the right balance that can satisfy your customer needs whilst having personalized intuitive customer care. And if you guessed it, it can be achieved with artificial intelligence or AI. With AI as your customer service, you will find the right balance you need and you will increase your operational efficiency. Most are scared of these but what they don’t know is that these AIs now can do two things at once – converse naturally with customers and expertly assist human agents on their job.

What you now get is the AI from futuristic movies that can think and act like a human, not to mention it can problem-solve better than one. With these AIs you can choose anything from a Virtual agent that will be on call 24/7 and offer your customers immediate self-service and make seamless hand-offs to human agents when it hits a more complex issue. You can also opt for something called an agent assist that is pretty much human support or your human agent support that can provide real-time step by step aid and identifying the attempt made by the customer.

Customer service responses are often tied to singular issues across the board. You can also use AI writer software to increase speed and efficiency in meeting customer service needs according to SaaStopia.

Without explaining too much there are three main ways in which AI customer service can make your life, and your job way easier.

1. Case classification


This means that any AI service will learn from your former cases by browsing your history and automatically route cases to the right agent. This means that if there is a complex problem the AI will opt to seamlessly transfer the problem to the agent with the best “scores” or the best ability to handle the said problem. You won’t have to manually transfer the problem from agent to agent until you find the one that has dealt with that problem before. You will cut your search time by so much and raise customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

2. Article recommendation and next best action


These are the two factors that tremendously help your agent when they try to deal with a pending issue. AIs are good in these things where they can swiftly and without trouble recommend the article to your agent with the addition of something even more important. They can also present them with the relevant recommendation for the customer. This means that not that they will find the article that can help solve the problem but dive deeper to find the exact thing within that article that will solve it. For additional help, you can check the Quick Lines.

3. Chatbots


Sometimes the problems are easy and what your customer needs is a bit of a helping hand to solve their problem. This can be achieved with Chatbots that are there to guide them and throughout a simple conversation aid them to deal with their problem by themselves.

All in all, AI can bring you only benefits in your business. There are several things to consider before opting for this, and if you have a large enough business, with big customer support needs then you are eligible to get one and offer it to your customers. It will raise your business to another level and it will raise your customer satisfaction another bar up which will be highly appreciated, by all your customers old and new that will surely come in.

Written by Philip Goguen

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