What Does It Mean When A Motorcyclist Taps His Helmet?

Have you ever got a hand signal from a biker and didn’t know its meaning? As a rider, you should learn some hand signals to use and comprehend. In this article, we will provide some common hand signs you must know before taking your bike on the road.

Good communication between you and people on the road is necessary for safe driving. It is impossible to communicate while driving because sometimes vehicles are behind verbally. The noise on the road also makes it impossible to initiate a verbal conversation. Therefore, there are hand signals which you can learn and use to improve your overall riding experience. Some motorcyclists ride in groups. It becomes even more crucial for them to pass the information to other group members. They use their hands for the same because they can’t stop riding their motorcycle.

For the best riding experience, you will also need high-quality accessories. These include helmets, glasses, gloves, and more. Helmets are the most significant thing that every rider should have. You can buy Motocross helmets in NZ to improve your overall riding experience. They are designed for professional bikers. So, you don’t need to think twice about purchasing this product.

The hand signals imply various messages. You need to be extra careful when riding a bike. Otherwise, you will lose the sign and make a mistake. Tapping the helmet is the most common hand signal that bikers share with others. At first, it seems like an unimportant thing. But it usually indicates a deeper meaning. Let’s discuss it more without further ado.

Why Do Bikers Tap The Helmet While Driving?


Various techniques and methods are used to communicate with others when driving a vehicle. Hand signals are the best ones that provide effective communication. People can easily understand the message behind a particular sign. Therefore, bikers often stick with them and use them whenever necessary.

Road driving experiences are not that excellent. Everyone needs to work together to make the road safe and secure. Hand signals allow for creating a better environment on the road

You might already know that some motorcyclists have groups. These groups consist of other bikers that are interested in biking. They travel a long distance from their bikers because that makes them happy.

Every biker should know hand signals. Otherwise, they will struggle to understand the messages provided by fellow riders. Tapping the helmet is a famous hand signal. The meaning behind doing this thing is that the bike is making you aware of the cops. The police can be anywhere.


So, the main goal is to provide a message to other bikers. Apart from that, there is another hidden message in this signal. It means that the high beams are turned on. Once the message reaches a biker, they will drive slowly and carefully to avoid accidents and other significant problems.

You should always be extra attentive when driving any vehicle. The more focused you are, the better it will be for you. Driving involves following the rules and regulations to prevent risks like accidents. Apart from that, you have to protect others as well. You can do this by initiating a conversation by sending hand signals. If a person is attentive enough, they will understand the message and drive accordingly. This way, you will help them with specific problems and also bring a change. They will do the same thing when anyone needs help.

What Are The Hand Signals That Every Biker Should Learn?


If you are riding a motorcycle on the road, you are responsible for taking care of others. That is why initiating a conversation will help a smooth driving experience without any problems. Here are some hand signals you must know before riding a bike.

  • Left turn: If a rider in front of you is extending their left arm straight, it means they are about to take a left turn. You must also use this sign if you want to avoid accidents and other problems that happen on roads. Turning on the indicator is mandatory for this, but in some situations, giving a sign also works. You should always note them down whenever you are driving.
  • Right turn: A rider might also give a sign using their fist. In this hand signal, a person usually moves their arm upwards while focusing on the closed fist. This signal is challenging to identify for many people. But it is always a plus point if you learn this one. It will be beneficial while driving a vehicle for long distances. Motorcyclists always use their left arm for this signal too. So, don’t get confused between the right and left turn. Both these signs are different because, in this one, riders use their closed fist.
  • Stopping at the gas station: When bikers need to stop at a nearby gas station, they will point to the tank. Suppose there is a station nearby, and you need gas. You can quickly share your message with others who are behind you.
  • Roadway hazard: A roadway can have potholes, stones, and other materials that affect a person’s vehicle. In these situations, a biker usually points this thing through their legs. If there is a hazard on the left, they will extend the left leg. On the contrary, if it is on the right, they will raise their right leg. The legs should be at a 45-degree angle to make others understand the message precisely. Sometimes, people also use their hands, but legs are more convenient.
  • Reduce the speed: You can tell others to reduce the speed by giving a hand signal. All you have to do is extend your left hand and make a patting position (like when you pat a dog). Other people will understand your message, and you can proceed with the journey.

The Bottom Line

We hope now you have understood everything about hand signals that bikers use. It is crucial to keep these things in mind when riding any vehicle to avoid problems and accidents. So, you should use these signals whenever required.

Written by Veky Poe

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