Hippodromes and the Glamour of Their Assistants in 2023

Since the 18th century horse racing has always been a popular and distinctive gathering of society’s most important personalities. Initially recognised as a sport of kings, it is often associated with the boldest and most remarkable minds.

This is a sport that continues to be considered, in addition to an intellectual activity, a highlight among society at the highest social level. Remember that it started as a sport of kings. On the other hand, its status of a sport for men only is changing with the insertion of women in this category.
Being sometimes an event of luxury, brilliance and extravagance, the appearances come into mind, and one wonders more often than not who those companions that appear in the celebrations of the world of horse racing are.

The men that go to these events seek only the best companions among the escorts in Skokka India. Even the ancient Romans in quadriga races knew that an exclusive and intelligent escort only contributes to the construction of their image. Being seen with the right company is as important as betting on the right horse – depending on the objective, the result can be very different.

But what’s the proper company? Who’s that special someone to stand beside a person of power? The answer is quick and easy: someone who will attract the attention of many passers-by and make most of them look twice. It will make them wonder who is that beauty that accompanies that gentleman. And not only men would notice it, but ladies alike will also notice the man with her, attracting the attention not only to the escort but to both of them. The couple itself will become important and visible, so that the objective of having the perfect companion is achieved.

The truth is that this is a curious and interesting subject for the best portal of classified ads in India. Therefore, as the world of horse riding and horse racing is considered a sacred activity for lovers of that modality, in this space we will talk about the glamour, and the most beautiful escorts suited for this environment.

The hippodrome audience. Appearances and glamour

The sentence that the racecourse has always been a sacred place is reaffirmed. A place that allows one to escape from a boring everyday life. A place of splendour and glamour. There is no better place to show off your new wardrobe, your new car or even a beautiful new fiancé. It is a good showcase.

A place where everything is shown off like a catwalk, as the people present there are attentive as if it were a real fashion show. Gossip and gossip. In which men smoke cigars and talk about their new cars or even their “new” women, and women talk about their models, jewellery or recently acquired handbags.

What may seem to be a daily amazement within the cities, may simply be the beginning of a brilliant race with the fastest horses and bets. The blood pumping through the veins to know who is leading, which horse is going to win the race and all that with a beautiful woman to make anyone jealous. What a perfect day to brag about everything and having the “perfect life” in the eyes of others.

How and who are the companions?

Hippodromes have as their main audience personalities of the highest level of society, and this is a fact that does not depend on the country that is, but on the conditions of those who frequent this environment. Having the most beautiful women around is all many of these men need and want. Well, this is an idea that permeates to the present day. It is still the same modus operandi today and is still one of the steps to be followed in this type of place.

To make it even better, it’s not just about looks. It’s also about intellect. The real escorts know everything about it. And in the world of the racetrack they learn a lot about riding. The races, the customs, the derbies, the history…

No one can display glamour more splendidly than someone born with it. A beautiful woman, capable of defending even the most difficult subjects and making your friends jealous, is a rare gem. Impressing acquaintances at the racetrack couldn’t be easier. That education, that physique, that poise… that everything!

The truth is that these women learn and want to make it clear that they are not just a perfect body with a beautiful face either. They can impress with their attributes and you know, women with something else do not accompany just anyone. That is why escort women are intelligent women, women with studies and intellect that leave men with their mouths open once they have a conversation with them. This type of escort is perfect for these events. They are the most demanded for being “the perfect woman” that every man wants as a partner for such an event.
It’s a power play by the looks. For appearances and something that can be conquered between having the best company and choosing the best option among all the bets. In the end, it’s all a game. It’s in their interest to play by the rules of this façade. Everyone wants to look good and everyone is interested in becoming the one and only winning horse. Everyone wants to be in the race and bet on a good game.


Beyond any attribute that a top class escort can demonstrate, high-class environments like racetracks are a place for a lot of attention and looks. Both powerful men and powerful escorts present themselves for an aesthetic and visual world that gains space.

And that is why relationships in society are capable of bringing together many aspects that favour looks and help the most beautiful and sexy women to become the companions of the best gentlemen at the highest level. Therefore also making those gentlemen position themselves as winning gentlemen.

Written by Philip Goguen

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