How to Give A Perfect Job Interview Presentation in 2023

So you’re in for a job interview but you want to impress the hiring team with a presentation. Unfortunately for you, you have no idea how to pull one-off.

Jobs come and go but there’s always one that asks more from you. Each promotion you get puts more pressure and requires more sacrifices. But each of these promotions also requires you to be professional in the way you present your job interview.

This is why most senior promotions come with a job interview presentation. Therefore, it is important to understand how this works to give a perfect presentation.

In this article, we are going to do just that. So don’t go anywhere and let’s begin.

Why Are You Being Asked To Give a Presentation?

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When you’re dealing with professional companies that operate on a global scale, you’re dealing with the best people in the industry.

For these companies to employ the best people, they have to look for them. But it’s easier said than done as companies of such stature will goo though hundreds of job interviews to eliminate the poor candidates. What they’re left with is the best from the best, but even then they’ll employ ways to find the right person.

But this is rarely the case and these companies will ask straight from the get-go for you to present your job interview with a presentation. This has become something of the norm, but it’s a great way for the candidates to prove that they are the right person for the job, that they can communicate excellently with the rest of the employees, that they can be organized and diligent. If you could manage to encapsulate all of these in a single presentation, then chances are you will receive a phone call.

Now, let’s discuss tactics.

Prove You Can Do the Job

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This one is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. Your goal from all of this is to prove your employers that you are the right person for the job.

Here are a few strategies on how to approach it:

· Understand the Job/Role/Task

Before you work on your presentation, you have to fully understand what lies ahead. You must understand the job/role/task at hand, and you have to explain that in your presentation. You have to be on the same page as them regarding responsibilities. You have to read any document you receive from the employers, double-check all of the requirements, and start working on your presentation with having all that in mind.

· Demonstrate What You Can Do

All of your requirements, skills, responsibilities, and anything of the kind is all information that you can work with.

Based on the skills required, you need to prove and demonstrate exactly what you’re capable of and why they will benefit from hiring you.

Prove Your Communication Skills

The second part of the job interview presentation should prove to the hiring team that you have excellent communication skills. This one is particularly important as these companies operate on a structural level where everyone has its boss and everyone is constantly communicating.

So how would you expect to get the job if you cannot communicate with your subordinates or bosses?

Before you approach this part, we suggest you take a moment to actually find the perfect job interview presentation theme that will work excellently for this interview.

These themes won’t work for every job interview, but they can come very handy if you’re applying for an IT job that revolves around eCommerce. For more information, make sure to visit templatemonster.

Now that we’ve discussed the potential themes, let’s discuss other important things.

· Structuring the Presentation

Think about how are you going to present the interview itself? How are you going to prove them that you have excellent communication skills; written and verbal? Are you going to show them an example of how you send emails? Or maybe an example of past experience with setting meeting agendas or briefings?

What’s important here is that you need to have their attention at all times; this will separate you from the rest.

· Keep it Concise

You should never explain too much and always focus on short but clear sentencing. Being concise will only work in your favor, it will grab their attention, and not lose it.

Show Them You Can Be Organized

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Hiring teams love it when they get to interview someone that is organized and willing to follow the rules. By now you’re probably familiar with the fact that most top-level companies have their own set of rules that they expect everyone working to follow.

While being organized and being respectful to the rules isn’t the same, we deemed it useful in this part.

However, how will you prove to them that you’re organized?

Well, there are predominantly two ways to do it.

· Internal Organization Skills

Showing them that you keep your desk clean will do nothing if you can’t show them that you can follow a schedule and systematically plan your tasks. These encompass what modern companies require in terms of internal organization skills.

· External Organization Skills

As an employee of a company, you’ll be given tasks to work and deadlines to meet.

When working on a task, they will judge how successfully you’ve carried it out. But if you can show them how you work on tasks or projects, well that might just be enough to convince them.

Having the ability to separate a project into smaller tasks and goals can be a very effective method of working. This is something that employers actually advocate for, as they are better for meeting deadlines.

Show That You’re Diligent

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And lastly, the last part of your job interview presentation should prove to the employers that you’ll care about each project you’ll be assigned.

If you can prove to your employers that you care, then they will see that as a bonus. There are many ways to prove this, and we will include a few for you:

  • Stay conscious of time
  • Try to be on-brand
  • Double-check all of your work
  • Be accurate and precise
  • Use technology that allows you greater versatility.

Written by iv Vronski

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