How Much Monatomic Gold Powder Should You Have A Day – 2023 Guide

Gold compounds have been considered for consumption since the 1900s when professionals thought of them for external and internal medical treatments.

The higher-end intake of gold compounds shows that if given to an animal, the animal develops a higher risk of developing tumors and kidney cancer. However, the same is not valid in the case of humans. It is used in humans for arthritis treatment. However, it is always recommended that you should use them in a prescribed amount.

Monatomic gold powder is one of the famous edible options preferred for consumption by people who want to add the correct dose of minerals to their bodies. It is the other name of white gold powder. Hence, you can consider ingesting it. Also, it will surprise you to know that it is a great electrical conductor.

If you are coming across this option for the first time, let’s know its works inside your body.

When you ingest the gold powder, it moves inside the body in liquid form and flows to different parts with the help of the bloodstream. The blood moves to all body parts, including the brain, and improves a person’s ability to understand and grasp actions and knowledge.

Historical Value Of Gold In The Form Of A Consumable


If you want to know this element’s historical evidence and value in the form of a consumable, you will have to move to the second century A.D. It was the rule of the Han dynasty at that time, which had Wei Boyang, a Chinese author and alchemist. He has written that gold is one of the most valuable things in the world. It is because of two reasons: it is neither immortal nor can it get rotten. Alchemists can eat it and also, and everyone can enjoy their longevity.

Even today, the hype is constant, and people consider using it in various forms. Surprisingly, it has been a part of your diet, too. People can consume it in the form of salts and powder. Also, it’s used in various stages of treatment for problems like cancer.

Gold’s Use In Healthcare

If you look at the characteristics, you will know that it holds a potential value for its use in the medical field. Also, its use in various procedures like dental fillings is another reliable element. In the present scenario, when nanotechnology has come into the picture, it can be used for treating deadly issues and diagnosing various health issues.

There have been researches that show that many oncologists have injected cancer patients with gold-wrapped and tiny spheres. The nanoparticles are smaller than the size of an RBC. They accumulate out of the tumor and slip out with the help of the bloodstream.

Its immortality has been such that it does not interact with many other compounds; hence, it does not rust. Therefore, you can conclude that it is non-toxic to the body. Consequently, you can consume it within a safe limit.

Consumption Guidelines


If you are new to monatomic gold consumption and usage, you need to know their assistance in improving your health. The great place to start is to consult your doctor and place your order according to their recommendation.

In a generic scenario, it is suggested that you consume four droppers, approximately 2.5 ml of the whole bottle you have. It should be half a teaspoon if you use it in powder form. ½ teaspoon is equivalent to 2.5 ml in liquid form. You can consume this quantity once or twice a day. You can consult a professional about the number of times you need to consume it. However, 1-2 times falls under the safe limit. But, you should ensure that when you are having this, you are not eating any meal for another 30 minutes. Also, if you have consumed any meal, you should take powder or liquid half an hour after eating the food.

Another thing that you need to be sure of while consuming the powder is that you should place it under your tongue for approximately 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, you can take water or milk above it for better consumption.

If you don’t want to consume it raw, you can mix the prescribed quantities in water or milk and drink that glass of liquid as it is. If you are specific about your tastes, you can consider taking it with herbal, green, or black tea.

Expectations While Consuming Monatomic Gold Powder


For centuries, gold has been used in the form of traditional medicine because of its healing properties possessed by it. In recent years, it has started growing in the scientific community and is consumed in various forms. If you have started or are considering starting to begin consuming monatomic gold powder, here are some results that you can expect from it:

  • Overall Health Benefits

The powder is known to play an essential role in enhancing the health and overall condition of the human body. You can see significant improvement in the hair and skin. Also, your eyesight improves, followed by nail growth. You can also see improvements in the brain’s functioning in the form of reflexes and memory. The tissue health also improves.

  • Body Calmness

If you are looking for consumables that can help you with body calmness, consider adding this to your diet. Taking it with water, milk, or green tea is an added advantage that allows your body and mind to relax. It operates electromagnetically to harmonize the brain’s hemispheres. So, if you are experiencing significant stress, this is an excellent solution.

  • Mental Well-Being

When your body relaxes, your mental well-being also improves. It improves people’s tolerance level if consumed daily and within the prescribed limits. Studies show that it helps improve mental clarity and also adds to the long-term health of one’s brain.


Hence, if you are consuming it within limits and as per the other guidelines, you will see the benefits to your body. Also, you should know your body’s requirements and how it will be easier to digest this powder. The market has various options and forms in which you can opt for consuming monatomic gold.

Written by Philip Goguen

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