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10 Pro Accounts to Try Professional Photo Effects has developed a new site that provides it’s members with an opportunity to give a new look and feel to any digital photo.

As the authors say: “It’s very addictive: users who try it with one photo often end up processing many more. Some photographers even use our service for their professional work. While similar software can be found in different forms, we’ve put extra effort into giving users better quality effects.”

At the time, has just a few options, so it’s very easy to use. Each user can choose from 40 different photo effects, that are divided into different categories by four. Take a look at some examples:

Category: Classics

Category: Added Character

Category: Vintage

Category: B/W & Sepia

Category: Bold Tones

While trying to spread the word about the service, has a special offer to the readers of

10 Special Pro accounts

Each Special Pro account has 30 credits, that are $5.98 worth. With 30 credits, You are able to proccess 30 photos. (normal Pro account has $2.99).

Written by Henry Has

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