Freebies: The 30 Most Creative and Unusual Fonts

If you think that typography is not important in the design, I would say that you should rethink it. It was a calligraphy class that inspired Steve Jobs to come up with such a sleek typeface on Mac. Who knows maybe without the concepts that he learned in that class Jobs wouldn’t have created such great looking desktops and laptops?

I would consider fonts to be an integral part of a design and nobody should look over it. Obviously, it is an integral part if that design includes any text. Nevertheless, It is important that font would fit into the design theme and would be easily readable.

While designing a poster, website or anything else keep in mind, that some people have disabilities and can hardly comprehend some fonts. For example, people with dyslexia cannot stand italic typography, but they can comprehend Helvetica, Courier, and other typefaces. Therefore, it is important to consider your design audience as well.

All in all, sometimes it might be pretty hard to find free fonts that would work nicely with your design if the design itself is unusual. For this reason, we collected a list of 30 creative and unusual fonts that you might try to implement in your design.

1. Inked God

Inked God

2. Killed DJ

Killed DJ

3. Graffiti


4. Subway

Street Writer

5. Street Writer

Street Writer

6. Stealthy Bastards

Street Writer

7. Infected


8. Cheri


9. Labrat


10. Pipestruct


11. Cross


12. Orial


13. Fatsini


14. Wild Arrows

Wild Arrows

15. CentreClaws


16. Tengo A Tus Hijos

Tengo A Tus Hijos

17. New Garden

New Garden

18. Beyond Sky

Beyond Sky

19. Kami Geisha

Kami Geisha

20. Bevel’s Advocate

Bevels Advocate

21. Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot

22. Baby Blocks

Baby Blocks

23. Barcode


24. Trashco


25. Kinkee


26. Confessions


27. Que Fontita

Que Fontita

28. Drift Type

Drift Type

29. Alpha Wood

Alpha Wood

30. Taco Box

Taco Box

If you are a designer and would like to show us what you have done with these fonts, please contact us and we will be sure to publish it!

Also, if you like us to share your font in this list, please contact us and we will be sure to include it!

Written by Henry Has

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