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Desktop Backgrounds: 35 Cosy Moments of Frosty Winter

Today’s collection includes many interesting winter moments. Moments, that Your eyes haven’t caught when being outside, because You’ve been suffering from extremely low temperature and rushing home without looking around. Take a look at 35 beautiful photos of frosty landscapes and frozen objects.


1. Slowly to the North (by blackf0rk)

2. Littoistenjärvi (by JarkkoS)

3. Winter sunset (by JarkkoS)

4. Immacolata meraviglia (by ventofreddo)

5. Türmchen (by odyssey83)

6. Trains in the snow (by Matthijs Dijk)

7. Richting radio kootwijk (by Matthijs Dijk)

8. Winter Pier (by Thomas Gartz)

9. By Lomacar

10. Meandering (by Just Us 3)

11. Icy wallpaper (by JarkkoS)

12. Shipka Pass (by Trodel)

13. Winter is here (by JarkkoS)

14. Littoistenjärvi (by JarkkoS)

15. The Milky Tarn (HDR) (by claustral)

16. On the Winter Day (by Dmitri B)

17. Mount Ararat (by Alexanyan)

18. By xNstAbLe

19. Young Pines in Snow (by axelkr)

20. Holland in Winter (by rogiro)

21. Hedge and Sunrise (by basswulf)

22. Another Stray Cat (by meantux)

23. Death in the afternoon (by Wollbinho)

24. Snow Crystal Landscape (by Maschinenraum)

25. Cold Sun (by meantux)

26. New york city evening (by matt.hintsa)

27. Birches, Spruces and Pines (by axelkr)

28. In the woods (by J.Hernetkoski)

29. Out the window (by Idle Type)

30. Clouds (by J.Hernetkoski)

31. Winter Pier II (by Thomas Gartz)

32. January 2010 (by Kjell Eson)

33. Scheuchenstein (by franzj)

34. Ready 4 Winter (by Geekr)

35. Again (by odyssey83)

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some great winter pictures, nice quality, thanks;)

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