Desktop Backgrounds: Flickr 24 Best Uploads of the Week #4

1. Wishful Thinking (by blackf0rk)

2. The last thing that keeps me alive (by blackf0rk)

3. Bark (by sebboh)

4. Mouthfull (by sebboh)

5. Caos calmo… (by robin hood 72)

6. Red & Yellow Leaves (by joel8x)

7. Misc 110 (by martin.jordan)

8. The Rolling Hills of Pennsylvania (by caruba)

9. Road to fog (by Juan Antonio Capó)

10. Go Coyote! (by Victor F)

11. Lillies (by Jollyboy)

12. Winter will come (by Grzegorz Chorus)

13. Fallen Leaf Pile (by wenzday01)

14. Reflections in the sand (by das_miller)

15. As the day winds down . . . (by das_miller)

16. Just a few more minutes (by das_miller)

17. Fallen Leaves (by wenzday01)

18. Network (by AnacinExtero)

19. Dawson Pond (by Todd Ryburn)

20. Dorset Coast (by davidgsteadman)

21. Impression of germany’s bike city #1: Münster (by Magusomo.)

22. Waterdrops, sun and a window in the morning (by Magusomo.)

23. Grabbing the last sunrays (by Magusomo.)

24. Boat on the Aegean (by Stew Dean)

One thought on “Desktop Backgrounds: Flickr 24 Best Uploads of the Week #4

  • October 29, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    thanks, great quality, one of these wallpapers goes on my desktop 😉


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