How to Win Against a Hair Salon if You Decide to Sue for Injuries

You trust your hairdresser to do the right thing when you request services. However, mistakes can happen while you’re in the salon, such as your hair getting ruined because of the treatment used or the hairdresser’s negligence. The damage could even extend into your scalp. In this instance, you have the right to sue the hair salon. After all, you need compensation for what happened. Prepare yourself for a legal battle. These tips will help you get what you deserve.

Collect evidence


The best way to win this fight is to have sufficient evidence. You can’t file a lawsuit and use your words alone. The other party might twist your words and say that the incident didn’t happen. However, you’d be more believable if you had pictures and videos to present as evidence. Another proof you can use is a medical certificate. After the incident, head to a hospital and have yourself checked. Of course, you got hurt, and you want someone to check the severity of the problem. The doctor will also prescribe medications if needed. The good thing is you will receive the certificate that indicates what happened and its probable cause. You may use it later when you decide to sue.

Have a strong legal team

Realise that some hair salons have gone through this process before. They’re not new to lawsuits. Some were baseless claims, while others were accurate. Either way, they might already have a robust legal team. They’re not easy to sue since they have intimidating lawyers. Thus, hiring your own legal team is the best way to go against the hair salon. For hairdresser claims, you can work with the experts at

Whether the case proceeds or there will be an out-of-court settlement, you need these lawyers to succeed.

Prepare what to say


If you have to take the witness stand, you should know what to say. Be consistent in your testimony. Sometimes, your ability to recall what happened could get blurred over time. Your mind will also mess you up, especially since everything took place quickly. Write the incident as you recalled it and stick to your script. It doesn’t matter what the other party asks you. The truth will prevail. You’re a victim, and your words should be more than enough to prove the other party’s guilt. Don’t get intimidated by the questions. Work with your lawyer to prepare for the testimony.

Prepare for an out-of-court settlement

Usually, compensation claims require settlement outside the court. The justice system deals with a lot, and some judges prefer that both parties try to talk outside the court. Your lawyer will face the other party’s lawyer until there’s an agreement, which will involve payment for the damages. In exchange, you will agree to drop the case. You might think it’s a win, but the other party will try to short-change you. In most cases, the offer will be lower than what you should get. Since the amount looks glaring, you might accept the first offer.

Remember that the payment will cover the medical fees, legal costs, compensation while out of work, and emotional damages. The initial amount will be far lower than what you deserve. Therefore, it’s best not to accept anything unless you receive a suitable offer. It doesn’t even matter if the lawyers employ scare tactics or tell you it’s as high as they can get. If you can’t agree on the terms, the case goes back to the court, and it drags on. Your lawyers will be there during the negotiation and have your best interest. The good thing with some lawyers involved in compensation claims is they won’t ask for payment unless you get something. They will work hard to ensure you’re receiving something out of the negotiation.

Don’t entertain apologies or private conversations


Never speak with the other party without your lawyer. You should only entertain negotiations when everyone is on the table, including your legal team. You might also think that your hairdresser doesn’t deserve this trauma and that what happened was an accident. The problem is these apologies might ruin your chances of getting anything. If you clear your hairdresser of responsibilities, you do the same to the hair salon. So even if you feel sorry, don’t entertain apologies. Besides, you sued the hair salon, and it’s no longer in your hands. If you’re serious about getting sufficient compensation, you will ignore these requests.

Be emotionally ready

Again, this challenge could drag on. Not all cases receive immediate resolution. Apart from the physical pain caused by the injuries, you will also face emotional trauma. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for all possibilities. It’s even worse if you lose your job because of the changes in your physical appearance. You will go through a lot amid the legal proceedings, but you can’t let anything stop you. Find someone you can share your feelings with. Talk to your lawyers if you don’t feel confident. You have to be strong since you’re going against people who wronged you.

This fight is a fight for justice. Perhaps, you’re the only person who came forward, but many others have become victims before. They didn’t fight as hard as you do because they’re afraid. Others might not even be aware they could sue for minor hair damages and injuries. You’re representing these people in your battle. You also want the hair salon to do better if they have the chance to continue their operations.

For most people, their hair is the crowning glory. They deserve to have beautiful hair—that’s why they sought the services in the first place. Therefore, hair salon owners should train their employees and purchase the best hair products. The maintenance of the place is also their responsibility. Maintaining a salon is never easy. Nonetheless, the owners have to do their share to prevent injuries from happening. Otherwise, they must face the consequences. The law ensures justice gets served to people who deserve it.

Written by Philip Goguen

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