3 Most Common Leveling Mistakes All Wow Beginners Make

World of Warcraft represents a game that made the online multiplayer format so popular in the first place. Also, we have to mention that it is one of the rare titles that managed to remain highly popular for such a long time. The reason for that is related to a unique strategy introduced by Blizzard, which is to expand the story over and over and provide new expansions followed by various updates from time to time.

Also, the story of the game is unique, along with the characters, gameplay, special features, and much more. It is a complex virtual world where you can spend hours of playing time and have great entertainment. The key is to build a character, and you can do that by leveling, collecting items, killing enemies, resolving various quests, and more. The base of the development of your hero is to reach a higher level. The leveling system is changing with each expansion as well.

For example, the max level in Shadowlands is 60, while that was 120 in the previous chapter. The ability to get more XP points is a very important part of the game. Higher-level provides you with the ability to get new abilities, improved stats, and more powerful gear. The interesting fact is that with every expansion and a new chapter, you will need to start over with the development of your character.

Professional players are aware of the importance of fast leveling, and you can find many videos online where you can see how they manage to reach the highest point in an amazingly short time. Still, it can be challenging if you are a beginner. Therefore, there is an excellent solution for that, which is to get a level boost. There are services available where you can get all kinds of boosts. If you are interested in this solution, visit

On the other hand, beginners should never rely on this sort of assistance all the time. It can be a great way to reach a higher level much faster, but it is still essential to focus on the key aspects of the game. For example, there will be over 20 spells and abilities that you will get at once if you simply spend more money to immediately reach a higher level. Not learning more about the specs and abilities could create some issues. The biggest problem is that you might get stuck at a certain point, and the game will become struggling and stressful. Here are some common leveling mistakes made by beginners that you should avoid.

1. Wrong Use Of Mouse and Keyboard


The first sign that you are a newbie can be easily noticed by the style you are using to move your character. Keep in mind that using a keyboard to move the hero, and clicking for each ability might seem ok at the beginning, but at some points later in the game, you will notice that it is draining your time.

In some cases, only a portion of a second can resolve the winner in some battle, and clicking for spells and using keys to move will represent a waste of time, especially when you are playing against other players. The best solution is to learn how to control the character only with a mouse and to bind all kinds of controls to the keyboard for faster spell-casting. That will significantly increase the xp boost since you will need less time to complete various missions.

2. Too Much Raids


Raids are one of the most entertaining parts of this game. Also, the advantage is that you will get some amazing items by completing these challenges. However, you should avoid raids before reaching a certain point in the game.

The requirement for being good in this mode is to become a part of a team where all people are determined to improve their heroes. If there is a weaker member in the group, the chances of killing a boss are much lower as well. That will significantly affect the leveling point as well. In that matter, the best solution is to focus only on standard quests in the game and to follow the story before you reach a max level. After that, you can play around with other models to get legendary stuff.

3. Changing Classes More Often


As we already mentioned, the developers of this game are frequently updating the game by introducing all sorts of new features, races, heroes, and more. For example, there might be a special event with a new hero that seems like a perfect option to use and reach the highest level with it. Still, keep in mind that nerfing is also a standard situation when there is a class significantly stronger than others.

It can be an issue if your class gets nerfed after you put a lot of struggle into reaching the highest point with it. Therefore, the best solution is to focus on your preferences when you are choosing a class. For example, you might prefer melee attacks over range, or more spells instead of being a tank, and more. That way, even if certain changes affect your hero to become less powerful, you will have enough experience to use another one with similar abilities and quickly reach the same status.

The Bottom Line

There is no need to feel stressed in case that you get stuck at some point. While there are many videos where you can see how people are reaching the highest level in less than two days, the focus should be on enjoying the game. If you are a beginner, there are so many interesting things to learn about this amazing story. In that matter, focus on the quests and the abilities of your character.
Learn how to collect the right items, along with various additional features. The experience will improve over time, and you will improve your abilities. Playing with your first character can be quite difficult, but you will notice the difference after some time.

Written by Philip Goguen

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