4 Events In Barcelona You Should Attend In February 2023

Barcelona is a city that is quite close to the mediterranean sea. The city has lovely beaches and a culture that is frequently celebrated in the mega carnivals that are organized every year. Thus, Barcelona is a great place to visit if you want to unwind and learn a thing or two about the rich Catalan culture.

Springtime trips are all the more fun, and there are many events you can go to if you visit the city in the month of February. However, many people visit the city in the month of February, and if you want to have a smooth trip, it is a good idea to start preparing well in advance. If you want to stay for one month there, you must begin searching for Barcelona monthly rentals.

Some Famous Events That You Can Visit If You Are Staying In Barcelona In February 2023

The Famous Carnival Of Barcelona


This carnival is related to the Lent period, and the celebrations begin a week before the people go for a forty day mourning period. The carnival has an unconventional name, and it is known as Carnestolte.

The main festivities begin on the Thursday before Lent. On this day, people are allowed to have a diet that is rich in fats. So eggs and sausage dishes are found all around the streets on this day.

The carnival is a lot of fun, but you will have to prepare well in advance if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. You must know about the monthly rentals in Barcelona, and you must also plan for attending the event.

Watching The Blooming Season In Barcelona


Spring is the time when many flower and fruit trees start to bloom. There are many places in Barcelona where you can see the trees come to full bloom. The park of Guell is one such place where you can enjoy the visual treat when the trees are blooming. The most spectacular trees are those of mimosa and cherry.

The LLUM BCN Festival


This festival is organized during the month of February, and creators from all over the world visit this place to display their creativity. The website for this festival calls it a festival of light and design. The lighting at this festival is brilliant, and you will find multiple themes, each of which touches on pertinent issues that people face today.

The Festival Of Saint Eulalia


Saint Eulalia is one of the patron Saints of Barcelona. According to the legend, Eulalia was a young girl who was tortured extensively by the Romans. However, The Saint did not wish to accept any other religion, and she died due to extensive torture.

Parades in honor of the Saint and recitation of folklore are quite common during the festival. If you are interested in knowing the culture of Spain and the influence of the Roman civilization on it, then this festival is a must-visit.


Barcelona is a great place to visit as it offers a blend of traditionalism and modernity. The spring months, February and March, have a huge tourist rush, so if you are indeed planning to visit the city in February 2023, you need to start your preparations as soon as possible.

Written by Philip Goguen

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