6 Things That Will Slowly Destroy Your Relationship in 2023

Adult people know that love and passion are not enough for a relationship to work out. It requires more additional things like understanding, respect, and support, so the partners can be sure everything is going fine, as it needs to be. But, we all know that in the initial stages we are blinded by our emotions and passionate behavior, and we can’t see some things that people around us are aware of. For example, when the partner has some toxic traits, your friends and family will be the first to see that, and you can be the last one that will get aware of those problems. Then, when we are in love, we can mix some bad behaviors with the impression that the partner is doing that because of love.

Even when we overcome the first stage, some bad things can happen after that. Remember that when you are with someone, the emotions and passion will connect you, but the respect, confidence, and understanding will help you build up that relationship. On the other hand, you are just two strangers who had the luck to find themselves, and it’s normal if, after a few weeks, months, or years, you don’t feel the same about them (and vice versa). It’s normal for the passion to weaken through time, but there are so many other things that are ruining everything you have with your partner, including:

1. You don’t take care of yourself


After a few months, you think everything is done, and you don’t take care of yourself. Surely, some bad hygiene habits can be cute, but taking regular baths and washing your teeth is something you can’t skip for days. When your partner sees that you don’t take care of your health and looks, it may cause them to give up on you. The same can happen if you see them doing the same. Even though it seems like a small thing, it may destroy your partnership forever.

2. The lack of intimacy

This may happen due to many reasons. The first thing that probably will come to your mind is that there is no attraction between you anymore. But, have you thought about male dysfunction? That condition can be successfully treated and healed if recognized on time. Maybe the lack of intimacy comes from that problem, and you and your partner must be opened to that, so you both can resolve it. You can visit this site to get to know more about this topic and see if the problem is in that, or you really don’t have the same attraction anymore.

3. Getting interested in someone else


We meet new and interesting people every day, and sometimes it may happen that we feel something for someone else. That can be some coworker, new friend, someone you see at the bus station every morning or a person that somehow becomes a part of your life, without any intention. Probably we all know that feeling that we are losing interest in our partner, and we question our decisions. The good news is that you can overcome this phase in a few days. But the chances that you won’t are big too. So, this is the moment when you have to decide what is more worthy to you, so you can save your relationship before the partner realizes something is wrong. We shouldn’t mention that cheating will anyway end the relationship, so it’s better to break up before you get caught, or you catch them cheating.

4. All those toxic traits

We all have some specific things that make us unique as persons. But, the toxic traits won’t bring anything good to you and your partner. You have an option to resolve and overcome them and learn how to improve your behavior and be better for them. Your partner has the same options. It’s on you to decide do you want to do that, or you will let those things destroy what you have. For example, your partner may enjoy making jokes about your weaknesses, or you have behavior to tell some shameful details in front of your friends. Those traits seem small, but they can ruin everything you have in a few seconds.

5. Not having enough time for them


Having a stable relationship is an ability to keep a healthy balance in the time you spend with them, but also with your friends and family. Also, you have to work, go out together or separated, exercise, cook, get rest, walk the dog, and many other everyday activities. But, your partner is an important part of your life too, and you must spend enough time with them. Sometimes it will be difficult to give up on some coffee or shopping, or even skip some family gathering so you can go with their family. Everything will be better when you learn how to maintain that balance, and you dedicate enough time to them.

6. Being rude for their insecurities

Everyone has weaknesses and insecurities, or even some fears that are different than ours. But, that doesn’t let you being rude and make fun of it, no matter how hilarious it seems. Can you imagine being victimized for something that you are afraid of, or you are insecure? The same will happen to your partner if you make jokes when your friends are present there in the same room. Sometimes you can make jokes when you are alone, but keep those things private. The only exception is if they are open to that and make fun of themselves.

As you can see, it’s not much difficult to be nice and polite in your partnership. Also, some problems can be easily solved if you both want that. But, we must mention that not every relationship is worth saving by any cost. There are plenty of situations that lead to a breakup, and you have to accept that. Anyway, you both have to try enough times to stay together, until you are sure that would or won’t work out. As we said, some things are not worth saving, and you must be sure you will be happy with this person if you overcome the crisis together. If you are aware that nothing will change, then you have the complete right to save your time and nerves, and go away.

Written by Philip Goguen

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