How to Obtain Better Sound of Your High-End Audio System

Excellent graphics are no longer enough when playing video games. Yes, they are of utmost importance, but you cannot completely immerse yourself in the plot if the audio quality isn’t just as good. If you are a professional or even an experienced gamer, you know what we are talking about.

However, for some reason, sound devices and gadgets do not enjoy the same popularity as gaming monitors, keyboards, etc. Due to this reason, many players are looking for a way to get the best audio quality from the system they have, and in this article, we will tell you how to do that.

Stereo & Surround Systems


First things first, let us tell you about these two sound systems that are primarily used in gaming. You are probably already completely familiar with the stereo one since all the devices include it, making it a dominant one. As you know, it uses two speakers that are positioned on opposite sides from one another. This way, you hear the sound coming from two different directions. This is the case when you go to a concert or cinema.

On the other hand, the surround system uses at least five different speakers placed all around you. For example, there are two main speakers on your left and right as well as two additional ones nearby and one in front of you. Depending on the system you have, there may be additional speakers above and behind you. We know this sounds a lot, and you are probably thinking about if you could fit all of these devices in your room. However, keep in mind that there are gadgets, such as true surround sounds headphones and Woojer Vest Edge, which can provide you with the same experience. The latter offers an abundance of cool features, and you can check out the full review below.

Which one is better?

Now, the answer to this question is probably obvious to you after reading the previous descriptions. The stereo system provides you with the traditional sound we are all used to. However, the surround system offers an entirely new experience. If you have the right gadgets, like the vest we mentioned above, you will not hear all the sounds, but you will actually be able to tell where they are coming from, feeling like you are in the middle of the war field. When it comes to the gaming world, it is evident that this one is always a better choice.

Another common question is whether all gamers use surround audio. Naturally, the answer is no, but keep in mind that enthusiasts usually do. Both of these options work just fine, so it all comes down to your personal preference. It goes without saying that the surround system will offer a better experience, make you more comfortable, and, therefore, can have a significant impact on your gaming skills and overall success.

How to get the best audio quality?

Some of these are general tips, meaning that they apply regardless of your audio system’s purpose.

Correct placement of speakers


As already mentioned, headphones work just fine, and you can get the ones that feature surround audio, although they are more expensive. This may seem like an easy task, but sometimes, it can be quite complex. This is especially true if you want to use only two speakers. You need to consider their size, the dimensions of the room, the distance between them, as well as your seating area. The goal is to create a triangle with the two devices and the monitor or TV, with you being in the middle.

Think about the room’s acoustics


This is something many people do not consider, but it can be crucial. If you want to have a gaming room in your home, obviously, you can use any area, but you need to be careful when building it. As you might know, the sound reflects every time it hits any surface, and some of them can significantly decrease the final quality. We are talking about bare walls and wood floors, but also other hard surfaces that include glass or metal. Don’t forget that the furniture layout can also play a significant role. You can find numerous tricks and tips online on building a gaming room, but some essential ones will tell you that you should cover the floor with rugs or a carpet, windows with drapes, and always opt for cushioned furniture.

Check Bluetooth drivers and connection


If you are using wireless gadgets, regardless of the system they include, you need to ensure your device has all the necessary settings. First of all, you need to check if your device uses the latest drivers. In some cases, these can dramatically affect the sound quality and even cause some issues. So, if you notice that your headphones aren’t working as well as they should, checking drivers should be at the top of your list. The same thing goes for the Bluetooth connection. If you want to enjoy the best audio possible, our advice is to shut off other wireless gadgets, especially the ones you do not need at the moment. It also may be a good idea to reset it every few days to ensure that the Bluetooth signal is at the highest level.

Purchase DAC


Another great way to increase the audio quality is to use a digital to analog converter. Basically, it is an accessory that converts digital signals into analog ones, and it is quite commonly used by gamers. Its success can depend on the headphones you use. If you don’t use the high-quality ones, you may not notice the difference since they might not be able to transfer the audio quality DAC provides. When it comes to purchasing this device, numerous options are available on the market. Still, due to the previously stated fact, you need to ensure that it matches the setting of the gear you have and that you can actually enjoy its benefits.

Written by Philip Goguen

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